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~ My NDDU SimCard ~

Yup, you heard me right; Globe Telecommunication Company launched an NDDU Sim exclusively for NDDU students and personnel only last October 2007. This is the first time Globe initiate this kind of sim card for a University. You can't buy it outside and if you're not a student of NDDU. You can do so many things from this SimCard, you can download your Semestral Grades, paid for your accounts, buy credits and such too. So I think this is an advantage for them, had the Globe representatives to answer questions to all of inquiries everyone has.

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  1. wow! thats a great innovation sis Nova. =) bout my son. i think he is left handed. we tried to teach him to write on his right hand but he always put the pen on his left hand. something to do with the brain yata. lol. thanks for the visit always!

  2. HI Novs..

    Cool..sayang you won't be able to use for long kasi malapit ka na dito pumunta.

    Got you tagged. Link is:



  3. Anonymous8:45 PM

    tags for u too


  4. sounds great...happy monday to yah waffs, just hopping around. by the way love ur music here, mapa indak man pud ta lol


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