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Depressed? Stress? Disappointed? or just Envy?

I'm talking about Page Ranks here…. You know and I know that I just got a new domain from last week, and for those who have experienced. Everything will turn back into ZERO, yup, the reason I decided to get a new domain it's because my PR or Pagerank isn't moving, totally depressing right? Ever since the first time Google did something on getting pagerank I never gained back my PR7 which at first I didn't appreciated it since, I thought its still in the lower level.

And to find out that, getting Page Rank 7 is almost perfect. Hay………. That dream really vanished already, and now what I did? Is to wait, keep praying that hopefully one day Google would noticed my page and would give me some Page Rank to show courtesy from them… hehehehehe… am I asking to much here??? I hope not

The funny thing is that, I thought I wont be affected with all of these page rank thingy.. but a BIG NOOOOOOOOOOOOO… I am now…. Why? I've heard many who have been jumping in and out because of they got Page Rank now and that means their website is pretty much accurate into Search Engines.

Do I pity myself here? I hope not again…… what a life… hehehehe… I'll get over this and would accept my ZERO. Or itlog Page Rank.

Does anyone of you know who? Hehehehe.. Give me some hints…

Now, will I get depress? Stress? Upset or Envy?


  1. haaaay sis, itlog na pud ako rank ron. same na ta. pr7 diay ka sa una? well, there's no need to fret then kasi at least naka try tayo magka PR kahit minsan, diba? hehe.

    anyways, got a tag for u here...

  2. oi, nivs, si idol ia diay dinhe sa imong balay hehe. Thanks for the constant visit, sis! Mwah!

  3. Hi Novs...

    I guess anyone has the right to feel depressed or disappointed and even angry at this PR thing. only hurts us.

    The big G does not like paid blogging so if our aim in blogging is that, then the big G won't give us the PR that our blogs deserve much less the PR that we want even if we work hard on our blogs.

    Just take it easy. Hopefully time will come that PR will be history and that there will be other ways to get some nice paying opps.

    Ate J

  4. Anonymous2:43 AM

    Wow! Inggit na sana ako sa iyo kasi PR7 ka :D am PR itlog pa kasi am a newbie. wala pa jud ko ka-gets aning PR oy..


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