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Got it….. Now loses it!!!

I’m talking about triple P’s unbelievable reservation of the opportunities; I know this isn’t only happened to me, but hey!!! I got it first I reserved it already…immediately… without delay… instantaneously… hehehe.. I know they are just the same.. Anyways… but its really that unfair that I reserved and done with that review and when sending it to them? I didn’t reserve that post/review? What the ****!!! I did my best for finished it that one, but I am not gonna get it? Crucial isn’t it.. Sorry guys.. I was just trying to voice out the ill-fated occurrence with these unmerited reviews. Hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy….. Another hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy for the day…


  1. oh,well,sis,rant as long as you want.i am also the same.sometimes i always try to be cheerful and cool as much as possible but sometimes "bloody hell" situations just occur. and it's infuriating!Am sorry for my rant.hehehe!but what can we do?the world is not fair!

  2. Am sorry for that girl. Never experienced it yet, but i know the feeling. PPP is in the process of improving their system, i hope this won't ever happen again to other bloggers. Sis, charge it to experience. Feel better now after all the sighs, hehe.

  3. happened to me once, kakainis di ba. re post exchange, to tell you the truth sis, i have no idea hehe, yun pa lang ang nagawa ko, parang feeling ko nakakatamad hehe, ang sama ko ba?


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