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Hay Grey...

I went early today in the office, hoping and having a positive think that at least I could grab one opps… and luckily I grabbed one white opps… but unfortunately, I think I wasn’t that much rapid with it. After answering the question, it was already taken. Hayyyy.. and there were lots of GREY opps… so in order for me not to ruin my day? I just think that its not really meant for me… but really Hay…. I was really praying and wishing that at least one opps a day will be fine for me. Things have to happen since there are thousands of bloggers who keep eyeing on every opps in ppp. Imagine, there were LOTS and I mean LOTS of opps today.. to find out that everyone of it was already taken…maybe I should open my computer earlier than I thought, hehehehe… And until now, I never put up my hopes anymore... I don't want to expect anymore, it only gives me some pain to feel here.


  1. Hi sis,you are not alone!But don't worry,sis,there'll be more to come.I woke up early sometimes and trying to catch opps in ppp,oh well,it's like i'm catching fish with my hands...the fish already been taken by people with big nets..ayayayayyy!what can we do?just keep trying!

  2. better luck next time hehe. Me I don't push too hard grabbing opps since I have task everyday for my inrank pages.


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