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Nilupak & Sikwate [cocoa]

I love eating tons and tons of Nilupak for dessert. It is a mixture of banana and grinned coconut smashed with sugar to make it taste sweeter. They served it last 19th as our merienda and with the accompaniment of Sikwate [Cocoa] in short a cocoa that was been boiled in a big pan full of water and added some sugar and milk to make it taste more delicious. That is what mostly Filipino serves to their families for merienda and desserts which every "pinoy" just love to eat.


  1. wow nov kalami ani oi.....

  2. Ako rin, gusto ko rin yan. nova, pahingi!

  3. oi wala pa ko ka tilaw anang nilupak sis. unsaon mana pag himo? hehehe

  4. naglaway ko ana Novs ha, nilupak, my favorite! BTW, about GPTs, i am concentrating on PTCs these days, you can IM me when ur online at tesbmon, i ca help u out, TC and enjoy weekend!


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