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Happy 8th Birthday Lance

A poem for My Lance Karl

Another day has come again
And another age will be added in your life
But does it matter now
That where you are, since you'll always be 4 years old

I woke up today
Thinking that I could not kiss and hug you
Give you great smile
And even greet you personally
During your special day
The day that I met you

This is the day that I'm so thankful of life
That there is an angel
Who was born and give us all the happiness

God knows how much I miss you
Not only me but almost everyone
No matter what and how we do
We could never bring you back

But the memories that you left for us
Will always remain and will never forgotten

And you know that a lot
I make you felt that since you were born
And until now? I will always love you
The first time you came into our lives

I wish that someday, somehow
I will see you again
So I could ever see that smile and happiness
In your face
And so we all be happy to be each other.

Happy 8th Birthday Lance Karl Salas


  1. ohhh that poem is erally touching NOv's. is he your brother?

  2. You're so sweet and very good in creating poems sis! :)

    I'll update ur url in a little while :)

  3. hi avon na add na koni imong new domain to all my 4 blogs.pls ko add sa 2 more diri b pls?

    check ur name lang ha under friends with own domain.

  4. Anonymous2:39 AM

    Happy Birthday to Lance Karl, Girl i'll update within the week your url... i'll be back i'm out of town now kc... silip lang me dito, kinda busy now... hehehehehe

  5. Anonymous2:45 AM

    hey nova! thanks for the visit :) tc!

  6. Anonymous2:52 AM

    Day it's that your son? if he is Im sorry to hear that hes gone...i believe it is very difficult for the family especially to the mother.Im so sorry to hear that. Goodbye Angel I know your happy now in the hands of Almighty!
    Thank you sa 'powder case' i edit nko akong blog unya see you around!
    if you dont mind can i ask your ym?

  7. nice poem novs.handsome man si lance.send my happy bday to him.

  8. Anonymous7:41 AM

    Very sweet... Who is he?

    Hi Norms, in response to your message, I usually get my layout background here ( with regards to template, let me know what kind of template do you have in mind..

  9. Hi, sis sori nakalat-aw ko duaw sa friends blog ko depress kc ko karon gsto ko magmukmuk lang sa suok by the way touch ko sa poem mo ha nawala din kc kambal ko eh nong ipinanganak ko. Anyway thanks and have a good day sister.

  10. my twin was died on 1999,so at october they will be 9years old.

  11. Anonymous1:08 PM

    Hi there very cute picture. Also we changed your link for you on our site .Take care.

  12. Hey Novs...very touching poem. Thanks for sharing.

    Ate J

  13. Hi, good poem you got here,
    by the way the other one that's not added yet is

    thanks a bunch!

  14. nakakatouch naman yang poem mo... btw, is lance karl you son or your brother? sorry to hear about his passing..

  15. what a very lovely, touching,heart-warming poem. ikaw nagbuhat ani,dear?poet man diay ka uy! i love it and i am feeling the words on it.ah,just sweet and charming! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LANCE!you're getting older everyday!


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