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VACATION TIME: Places Where Jeffy been

It’s not interesting that much, but I would just like to share to everyone where did I took my Mahal during the last visit he have here. It’s not even a lakbay tag but I just took that map site from that tag so I could show you the places and mostly place in Mindanao that we’ve been through.

Yup, we’ve spend 14 hours of sitting our butts inside the car to get back to GenSan City and finally got rest after the loooooooooooooooooooooog trip.

Enjoy and Thank you!


  1. vacations are meant to be fun. but at the same time, they can also be very tiring. thanks for the add. na link na kita. :-)

  2. hay day daghan unta day pero kat gray man tanan. sa wakas nakagrab ko sa smorty maayo na lang kay nanawag si madam sa ako kay she dont know how to post sa smorty. that is why naglogin ko day kadakop ko gihapon ug 1

  3. approved na ka sa socialspark?

  4. Anonymous8:40 AM

    nag strolling jud diay mog maau sa imong mahal! wish you the BEST for both of you! dad a ko ika larga nimo beh para naa kay kuyog heheh.
    Sipah kaau imo music yadz hahah

  5. aw approve kana ba sa socialspark ganiha pa ko nag-sign-up kadawat ko ila email gahapon. Sis diyos ko ang hirap makahuli sa ppp ug smorty wa pa gyud ko kahuli kainis hay akoa pang pc diyos napaka-sobrang bagal maglod grabe kulilat gyud ko lagi oy.

  6. Anonymous9:14 AM

    Hi Nova, I am glad about your trip with your sweetheart..

    Thanks for you message on my comment on my cbox pero girl, unfortunately I dont know the dialect....lolsss....Naitindinhan ko konti pero I am not sure If my understanding is right.. So kindly repeat the message in tagalog so I can give you my accurate response.. Have a great day my friend


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