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Interprets My DREAM for ME

SHOULD I REALLY BE SCARED? What I'm talking about here is what happened during my nap last 28th of April year 2008. Due to the sleepy eyes and the calm weather it tempts me to take a nap since I have not enough sleep from catching reviews online. [you can't blame me I need some moolah for my teeth, have mercy on me] moreover, after my talking to my fiancĂ©e over the phone with the cuddle and whinning [yes, I'm doing that to him a lot… hehehehe] I fall asleep inside my bedroom.

When finally I got knocked out, I felt a heavy weight on top of me, take note I'm inside my room and I locked the door so nobody would interrupt me from my napping. I could hardly breathe as if the weight was really pressing against me on my bed but tries to manage to at least take a quick breath.

And then, a voice whispered in my ear saying "Where are you going? Are you leaving me? Don't leave me?"…. I am not sure why I replied back to it saying "I am not going anywhere, we will always be together forever"… then after that I got a nightmare, I spoke that LATIN WORDS my mother taught us in order to keep the bad spirits away from us. But it isn't working, my nightmare still continues, I tried my best to shout but I couldn't, not even a single word would comes out in my mouth, for them the help me.

I even write it down to a paper so they would understand what I'm trying to say, what they did? They laughed over me; I was begging them to help me to keep me away from that voice and that something.

I woke up, feeling so bad and scared.

The question is: Who is that voice? I couldn't even imagine if it’s a male or a female? I have not idea why it happened that way.

FYI, the feeling of weight wasn't the first time happened to me, I think it's almost the 3rd time happens to me.

Do you ever think I'm only dreaming?
Or do you believe that something out there tries to communicate with me through my dream.
Ghost does it that way… right?

Dreams meaning: a mental phenomenon occurring during sleep in which images, emotions, and thoughts are experienced with a sense of reality. Dreaming occurs during REM sleep; typically there are four or five such periods a night having a total duration of about 90 minutes. ...


  1. i usually have dream at night and it always bothers me when i wake up in the morning because like you i also want someone to interpret my dreams. hehehe...

  2. btw, i already updated your link.


  3. Anonymous1:17 PM

    Dreams usually interprets our inner desire and fear that we try to denied ouside.. But it's good to be able to remember in details.. Because I usually dont..

    Hi Nova.. sorry for calling you norms..probably hit the wrong letter...Have great day..

  4. Hi Novs...

    Scary naman ng nangyari sa idea kung ano ba yung panaginip mo.

    I can't type kasi binabasa ng anak ko yung tina type ko....haha.

    Sabi nya: 'pa-na-ji-nip' moh....hahaha

    Ano ba yun...

    'Te Juls

  5. hi Nova! was here hopping!

    pray before you sleep! :)

  6. oist so dli d i to ikaw sa smortz d i.hehehe nakichika lang ko ba.

  7. mocomment unta ko nimo sa imong dreams ba pero basin dli ka ganahan sa akong comment....heheheh...imoderate sa ni imong comment aron ug dli ka gusto sa akong mga polong nga gamiton pwede nimo madelete....ha...unya hapita kos akong balay aron makabalik ko about sa imong dreams....kabalo man pud ko mohubad ug damgo...gamay lang hinoon ba...oki doki :D...

  8. naa man gud dreams na naay meaning di ba. naay dreams nga direct nga mahitabo sa life sa isa ka tao. naa pud dreams nga kilangan hubaron pa sya aron makuha nimo ang meaning. sometimes ang dreams, nindot na sya nga gamiton to prevent a certain situation nga dli mahitabo, pero kilangan w/n ur control. naa man pud uban situation nga bisan gitagaan na ug babala sa dreams dli jud ma avoid ba. so sometimes ang dreams, preparasyon na para sa imong acceptance sa isa ka future situation.

    taasa na ani oi. la pa ko nahuman ba...hehehe...ako sa ni isubmit...

  9. oi wa man lagi ni gimoderate pa...dli sa ko padayon comment oi.... :) lisod basin dli ka gusto heheheh...bitaw imoderate sa ni oi kay na basin maglagot ka nako unya .... hehehe...

    bitaw there's nothing wrong with your dreams man. sa akong paminaw lang ha, sa kakapoy na lang sa imong mind ug sa imong lawas. if not like ours to nga nagbother nimo, prayers lang man ang kilangan.and what you did is right nga nangpray ka.

    and if i will put some meaning on your dreams, sa imong life, siguro naay problems, pressure and everything, pero imo lang na ma overcome in the coming days (n d future). kay makita man nga nagsulat ka ug naa lang tinta ang pen and then nagsulat jud ka, meaning u find some answers to whatever things that will come into your way.....

    oks ba ni? ug dli gani, ingna lang ko kay pwede mani nako madelete pud.

    oki doki. daghan pa ko isulat...pero mao lang sa na oi...daghan ko yawyaw daghan pud ko sayop..heheheh...

    have a nice day...

    and moderate your man lagi jud nimo moderate ba

  10. wow, kakuyaw sa imo damgo oi. i just hope nga dream lang jud to. :)


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