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Heavy Rain

I'm talking about tonight, I was thinking that since the dark sky was red I assume that it would be a pretty warm evening for us here. But it turns out that a very heavy rain poured, together with strong thunder and consecutive lightning. My nieces were scared with the big thunder sound yet, they all went to bed early. I'm impress with my nephew Harvey, he doesn't seem scared of any big sounds. as if everything is just normal for him... I bet his a brave young man, oh... I could almost forget, maybe it's because he thinks his BEN 10, if your familiar with a cartoon character in Cartoon Network, YUP! that's him.

I'm glad that it rained tonight, that means everyone will be having a great cold evening instead of a humid and very warm weather. Perfectly timing.

Good night to all! and Good morning to the other side of the world.!!!

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  1. dito rin paiba iba ang panahon...malamig, mainit, then ulan...hehehehe...


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