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I Think I Have Found It.

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After long days of searching, surfing online, I finally came to an end and caught my eye a template that I find it interesting. It has the same background color yet it may be different from the old one. I am kinda picky of having a new one that's why it took me almost a month to look at. BUT who knows the wind will blew my head and I might NOT be able to like it again... hehehehe... but if that's not happen.

This means I need time for a BIG RENOVATION, DEVELOPING my new background. This is for a change for a new domain that I got, and I think it deserves to have a NEW TEMPLATE as well.

I will be leaving Angelina Jolie's Eyes watching those who have visiting my page into a new simplier one.

I'm giving time to back-up my linkies so I won't miss anything and anyone on it.

It makes me excite to do it, but as I have mentioned I need sometime to do it step by step without missing and being busy that I won't be able to visit you friends.


  1. Anonymous9:05 AM

    Hello Nova,

    I like your new template. It's simple, but elegant.I wish I know how to make one, but I don't. Hehehe. I just have to settle what's in there in Blogger's offer. Anyway, I am no longer updating my Wordpress account. I want to earn, even if it takes forever for a dollar to register in my account, okay lang. LOL! But I am still keeping my WP domain though.TC.

  2. Will miss your posts, sis. Good luck, dont be away for long. Text ta ka, sis ha?

  3. hi Nov's yes busy ang imo mega pamatron bwahahahha... bitaw i visit your site every now and then wa la lang ko ga leave ug message

  4. been approve sa blogger last year pa pero kay murag di sila mo bayad oi. i have pending payment jud sa bloggerwave last year ako lang gi try if mobayad sila karon hehehe

  5. agi ko.gacheck ra ko sa akong links intawon kay naa wala ko gilista :D

  6. naa ko tag nimo novz diri

  7. Anonymous3:01 PM

    hurraayyy how's everything here? And the template makeover here?

  8. Anonymous4:11 PM

    thats great sis! cant wait for new template. im thinking of changing my template too coz its getting boring. lol. but i feel so lazy to do it. hehehe.. needs a lot of time dyud.

  9. Anonymous4:26 PM

    novs, got you tagged here

  10. Hi Nova, thanks sa visit ha, tinuod gyod ka daghan sagbot pero sayang man god ang location kay medyo duol sa highway din duol sa akong family sa Pinas. Di kaayo mahal ang price, daghan pa gyod punoan sa mangga.. Sa bagay malimpyohan ang mga sagbot...Btw, naka find naka template ha, i'm waiting for it, ako wala libog bisan unsa nalang akong gibutang sa akong blog,hehehe..Have a nice tuesday....

  11. Anonymous6:25 PM

    looking forward to see ur new template.. take it easy and make sure to have back-up so you wont feel frustrated..Good luck

  12. hi nov, pwede man magluto diri ug buwad. naa gani mi sa apartment nagpuyo pero dah, ingon sa akong bana nga kung mo reklamo ang silingan aw moundang gud ug luto. pero kung di, aw padayon. hehe mahadlok ko sa una moluto pero akong bana man sad moingon nga magluto daw ko kung ganahan, problema na daw na sa silingan kung bahoan sila. hehe amo sad silingan kay naa man sad iro nga sige kalibang sa grass, nya baho. bawal unta diri pero igo ra sad mi bagotbot, di mosumbong. patas ra. :)

  13. hi answer na imo question sa ako..oo okay rman mag luto ug bulad..then about sa custom..dili lang nman nila hilabtan..gibutang man to nko sa gamay nga box then ako gisulod sa akong check-in luggage...wla man problema sa airport.

    anyway salamat sa pagbisita ug pag leave ug message sa akong chat box...balik2x unya....


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