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NDDU’s High School Blessing…

It is today, yup I haven’t shared to you that the High School department of NDDU or we known as NOTRE DAME OF DADIANGAS UNIVERSITY, was transferred to our High School area, a 15 minutes travel from the College Campus. The Blessing of the building started at 9:00AM, with a Holy Mass, Blessings of the classrooms and the most important part is the LUNCH... Once again, i have eaten lechon [roasted pig] but take note I lessen my rice and some other foods.

Today is the blessing of the whole campus and we were there to witness the said occasion. The building was totally nice, I will update and post another blog about the said event, and will upload some pictures for you to see as well. I was just waiting for my friend [the photographer] who took the pictures from there.


  1. You did eat lechon again, tsk tsk tsk. Hehehe, sis you seemed defensive bout the rice thing. We should eat lechon once in awhile sis oi! Lami baya and panit!

  2. Wow....fud! Yay...

    Namamasyala na naman ako. Hope your week is going great.

    Ate J

  3. grr ang lechon litsi kalami.wa jud na diri pila naku ka mga buwan nailo ana grrrrrrrrr. labayi lang nya kog bukog ha ug naa pa?

  4. Hi Nova, dili unta ko mag-blog hopping karon pero gimingaw man ko nimo.hehehe.Bitaw uy, sakit ako mata usahay, sis uy!hehehehehe, especially magsige ug chase ug opps.hehehehe.ah, pakals na pod diay mo diha ug maayo!gamhanan dyud ka ba kay imbitado ka sa mga blessings!hehehehehe!ayoayo,sis,ha?


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