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One More Day Left...

Crying Girl With Butterfly

To goo and I’m not going to wake up that early and shower very early in the morning everyday. Although, I’ll be missing my computer, my desk, my very helpful chair, my bosing though we have misunderstanding sometimes which is just normal, my GIA’s, my colleagues, mostly my company… my alma mater. Just one more day and I’m out of work, resigned from work, jobless … hehehehe…

Planned for a despedida for my colleagues, too bad my bosing can’t make it as she was in manila having some laboratory test, but a Thank You note for my friends and to my boss would be a good way of telling them how much they meant for me.

I am not sure what and how would I feel about this tomorrow and on the next days, probably missing them. Good thank to the modern technologies I could just bug them using YAHOO MESSENGER… hehehehe… sneaking around too… well see…

I received a very thoughtful note / card from one of my colleague in Registrar’s office of wishing me into my new life and into my soon to be wedding. Isn’t that sweet? I was speechless about it.


  1. hi novs dearie, now that you're about to enter a new chapter of your life, i want to say good luck and God bless. don't be scared nor get lonely, always remember that God will never leave you alone.. just live one day at a time..

  2. hi add ko na imong url sa page ko..unsa akong name dinhi sa blogroll mo?
    Taga dona soledad espina ko sa gensan..pero dia nako cebu puyo 2 years na.asa ka sa gensan? when ka pa US?

  3. ay mao ba..von voyage na d-i ka!! ti ingat ah.. sa NDDU ka gali nag work? diha man ko nag graduate sang 2000..NDDC pa ang skul.

    Oo espina jud lapit sa prisohan hehe! baw ah dugay kana sa registrar nag work? or bac after nag graduate ko? pabalo lang jud ko na mal-am na nu?hehe!

  4. Anonymous11:05 AM

    Hi,helloo goodluck on your wedding so nova are u in the US now>? best wishes i know you can survive hehehe

  5. ganun ba.. u wont be blogging that much anymore sis? saan nga pala dito sa US hubby mo? good luck sau ha.. heto pangpabuenas, i got a tag for you! hehehe its in this link

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Wish You all the best my dear Nov! I know you'll be Happy for sure!
    Yeah friend, Daan nana na movie ang SO CLOSE, pro d jud ko pul-an tan-aw ana kay it's a nice story indeed. Try to watch it later f u got time and let me know how u like it. hehehe.(_.._)
    oppss before I forget, I have a Tag for you, Kindly check it out and thank you!! take Care always and have a gud day!!

  8. Anonymous3:47 PM

    Hi, Thanks for your visit. You have a visually delightful journal!

  9. hi there sis. i cant find a chat box so ill just leave my message here. off topic to pasencya na. i just wanna be added to ur blogroll. hope its ok lang with u. ill add u right now. pls add mine as well. thanks.


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