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A Name with Two Meanings

My older sister asked me to help her looked for a unique name for her incoming baby girl. And since, I have nothing to do here at work I am as excited as her to give names online with meanings into it too. So, I was drawn into baby names which I never expected that my name NOVA was listed under it and to my excitement, I looked the meaning of my name and boom!!! This is what I got; the Origin of Nova is NATIVE AMERICAN, which means Butterfly Chaser….hehehehehe… and it’s not that coincidence because I am totally attracted with butterflies due to its amazing color combinations and how incredible animals they are. And to find out that I will chase them? I am their chaser? Hehehehe…

That’s these make sense? It is for me. Is it two meaning now? From the Nova Stars which meant by the brightest stars in the galaxy that suddenly fades and the Butterfly Chaser? Hehehe… this makes me feel good. Because, instead of looking for my incoming niece’s name it turns out that I ended up getting curious of my name’s meaning.

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  1. U made me smile with this post sis.Biba jud ka da!


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