SuPeRnOvA and SwEeTpAiN: President's Office was been Robbed ... VP Academics Window Glass Cracked... | SuPeRnOvA and SwEeTpAiN
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President's Office was been Robbed ... VP Academics Window Glass Cracked...

It’s been rampant nowadays that people robbed banks, hold-ups on the street, and such. Today, 23rd for May 2008, another crime scene was held at Notre Dame of Dadiangas University, [NDDU] as the President’s office was been inside robbed.

It all started when the working student arrives early in the morning to for duty to clean the office, when she found out that the glass of their door was been taken off, take note with a chair where the robber used so it can take off the wooden attached to the glass. Imagine the square glass wasn’t been cracked as it was really took off carefully as the robber do have its gadgets for taking it off.

I arrived just on time, without noticing that the spare window in our office got a cracked, not just an ordinary cracked but a big one the really split the whole into two pieces now.

Police came by to inspect the whole office of the president, and to think that all the ADMINISTRATORS of the school wasn’t here as they have their EDUCATOR’S CONGRESS in DAVAO CITY. They haven’t witnessed the said robbery, but for their concerns everyone there knew of what happened in the School.

The President’s office was totally in a mess, drawers of both secretary and the president’s table was scanned and the papers were totally on the table.

As cabinets were also been scanned, as if it is looking for something, the equipments inside were remained untouchable but some items inside the boxes were left opened.

Now the investigator was already there and has taken the situation under control. It is not by the way the first time it happened here.. That’s the second time around they were robbed. And some other office and laboratories were also robbed in this institution.

We are all wondering why until now, we have no suspect and the guards can’t even see what happened first before us? Something is fishy about these incidents here, maybe it would be better to put hidden video camera on the lobby that way, and we can see and monitor who passes by in each office.


  1. hi musta mos here..Man,,hold ups and bank robbed increased..

    co'z people don't have money and no jobs specially right now everything is high..


  2. Anonymous8:26 AM

    very creepy isn't it.. well we all to be more extra careful

  3. rampant jud karon tungud sa kamahal sa palaliton. haaay ka faet!

  4. Anonymous8:47 AM

    tagging you Nova

  5. hello sis. yep, i'm no ok and back to work again.

    that's sad. with all the crimes now, no one is really safe. take care sis!

  6. Anonymous9:01 AM

    Hi, Thanks for the comment.
    Actually, I was in an unusually good mood when I praised Blogsvertise. The reality is it seems a poorly run outfit, as you seem to have found out.
    The web design is poor, with awkward windows popping up to get the info, and the links are set up poorly also. The final insult is that they reject a lot of posts when the errors are due to lack of leadership from them. Also, the email responses are impolitely aggressive if you complain to them, as if they are trying to make you go away.
    Speaking of which, that is hard to do, as my PR3 blog was submitted by my missus, but there seems no way I can remove it from Blogsvertise list, and at 9 or 10 bux per post, and 3 links per post, each link is only bringing in 3 bucks. Plus, I am filling my blog with ad links that will get my PR taken down if I am not careful. So, I agree wholeheartedly with what you are saying. Oh, and BTW I have been busy tuning up blogs and getting the lawn mowed, and cars fixed - summer is here, almost! Have a great week.

  7. hi novs; thanks for always visiting sa ako payag wala intawon ko sa mood magblog oi. although i get online ambot oi. btw okay lang naman kami sa ako fafaso day still fighting of being far to each other. hay kapait jud.

  8. Shocks what a sight it was! Bulglars are just inside i guess too sis, my investigative mind tells me, hehe. Anyways, somethng must have to be done with ur doors and grills in there.

    Sis, i have a moviemaker.Kindly teach me how to do ur documentary.

  9. as in pait na kau ron ang dagan sa panahon ai. sumtyms dli nasad jud safety na maglakaw ka na ikaw ra usa kay kuyaw sa hold-up. Saun man gud da cause of living right now is very high everywhere.
    Thanks diay sa comments and Take care always.. see yah!!

  10. so sad naman nasaan ba ang guard? hay naku! pinoy talaga.. thanks for the visit Novz! have a nice day and take care always..

  11. Anonymous5:36 PM

    Nobody is safe now a days. When all have to be careful. Have not been here for awhile sorry about that.

  12. Hey Novs..

    You mean walang surveillance camera ang university? That's odd. They should get one kahit man lang sa important offices like yours.

    I guess the motive is something other than robbery? I mean..may nawala bang valuables?

    Anyway, stay safe. Kakatakot pa din kahit wala kayo when it happened.

    Ate J

  13. dapat naa dyud na unta diha hidden camera intawon uy.hay,inatwon Nova,university ba ya diha and considering that those are important offices?ah,diri sa laing nasod kay bisan kindergarten na school naa intawon cctv.ay intawon,unsaon na ang uy!budgetan na dyud na diha uy.kinsa gani na diha inyo VP?kilala nako sauna si Pagunsan pero nineteen forgotten pa intawon to uy!hehehehe.wa na gyud getting in touch!


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