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Starts Restoration and The Wedding...

Now, I will be very busy as I will be able to start my template renovation, that means, I might be busy with back-ups all the links and other credits as well.

I may not be that active to visit you that often as I did, only I can assure that I will get back to you as much as you visited my page. My sincere apology for this and the upcoming inconvenience.

BUT, there is still possibilities that we could still exchange messages and read each other's update. I must back-up my HTML Files, one at a time so that by the end, I will be able to finish the whole template restoration.

So, I do hope that you will still be here because; at the same time I’ll be updating my blog as often as I can have time to blog. In short, you’ll still be hearing from me seldom.

Anyways, My very dear friend way back High School is engaged last year to his long time bf and now they will be getting married this coming May 24th, Yes!!! This coming Saturday, of course I’m invited to witness her very special day.
Her Wedding Invitation

I do hope that since it's her request she'll love what I Gave to her, she gave me the invitation and I’m loving it. I love the color up to the simple design yet elegant invitation. I can't wait to see my friend on her wedding dress and on her very special day.

Like me, I’m sure this new couple will unquestionably excite for their special moment, to become one in the eyes of God. They surely ended up with each other, for along time of being a gf and bf finally the time has come for them to get tied.

So that means, chibugan napud / pakals napud… hehehehe… [reception] there will be lechon which I love to eat again.

Before I forgot, it’s a cocktail and formal wedding reception. I can see that they will have a remarkable wedding day.


  1. Anonymous1:58 AM

    thanks for linking with me, i already added you in my links :)

  2. wow! best wishes to you friend... hoping to hear that you'll be the next future brides .... don't forget to catch "bridal bouquet"

  3. Anonymous6:41 AM

    hmmm makakain kana nman ng lecho pangihi unya ha. Thanks nga pala sa tips nimo sis sa panguntra sa totoo lang nagpost ko pero wa ko baya kahibalo unsay panguntra makapalit nga. thanks again.

  4. Anonymous9:43 AM

    done doing the tag on my other blog Nova.. Just thought you wanna know

  5. Anonymous10:00 AM

    Awesome nova! They are going to get married na jud diay! whoaaa I feel really bad kay dili mi makaattend ni Anna :( Pero cge lang. Please tell her Congratulations and I'll make it up to her puhon. Best wishes nilang duha. Pictures lang ako ha bantay ka lng :)

    Have fun!


  6. hi nov's musta na ka diha? wow i am happy for you soon you will be with your fafa jeffey. **winks**

  7. Ty for visiting me amid your blog rehabilitation works, hehehe. Sis, watch out for your diet again, as u may gain more weight. Actually, its ok to gain weight, you are beautiful anyway, if you dont have the body, you have the face so no fret, hehe. Your still sexy dont worry. Miga gud ta gud, are u singing in the wedding, good luck!

  8. hi nov, sorry for the late reply. hapit na diay ka moari noh? mixed emotions jud basta sa layong dapit imong adtoan. normal lang na sis. bout sa imong Q, ang iyang gi purchase thru credit card was the domestic flights na diri kay ako man ang nipalit sa akong ticket diha sa Pinas padong sa LA. Dili diay ka tabuon sa imong first nga tugpahan nga place diri? Kay ako gitabo man sa LA nya kuyog na mi padong diri. Anyway, ang akong gipakita is my ID (driver's license kung mahimo) ug Passport. Itangkil-tangkil jud na pirmi kay mao na ilang pangitaon bisan naa naka ticket. Make sure to have a copy sa imong flight no., destination ug ang time. Isuwat lang sa gamay nga papel nya iuban na sa imong passport ug identification aron di ka matagbaw ug pangita. Gai lang nya ko sa imong email add or mas maayo kung chat ta sa YM aron maka storya ta ug tarong. :)

  9. Hi Novs! Thanks for the constant visits and for leaving your comments. Unta naa napud kay Entrecard, hehe!

  10. Anonymous6:40 PM

    hi novz! great wedding invitations. love the color

  11. hi nova, thanks for dropping by my site. i added you to my links, I hope you don't mind :) good day!

  12. unsay nawala nga link? oks ra oi hehehe. u mean akong blog gidelete? sigruo mao na....gidelete sa akong account ba. maong akong giwebhost karon under bluehost. mao na sya :D.


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