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TAGGED TIME: 5 Blogger Award

Nalyn and Kate'sLove passed this Award to me, Thank you for this. I really appreciate this.


  1. hello sis Nova! ask ko favor pls vote my sister agring AM I SEXY? vote here thx.. voting is daily ...pls vote thx

  2. hi sis. aguy kahinay sa akong blogging sis. seldom does opps get white on my dashboard. plus, lately i have not been staying on my computer because i have been so busy on my speaking engagements. hoarse intawon akong voice sis karon.

    will buzz u up tomorrow sis if dia ko diri sa balay sis ha?

    sis, dont forget me if ur in the US na ha? hope to meet one day.

  3. congrats, to your 5 star blog,Nova!hip hip hurray!!!!hapika na moadto sa new york!!!!oh la la la la!!!!

  4. Anonymous9:38 AM

    hurrayy forwarding you another one to do here hehhee =) have a great day

  5. Hey...

    Hopping here again. Are you still working? Kelan flight mo?

    Ate J

  6. Anonymous10:29 AM

    you deserved to have this award!!! Just passing by... see in my corner for wine thingy updates hahaha whole week un ang entry ko...

  7. hi gwapa.agi lang ko.

  8. hello!! laag lang ang taga gensan sad =)

    exchange links ta?

    let me know

  9. Hello Nov, drop by nasad ko dere sa imo page! ur welcome sis! ganahan kau ko sa song ni david cook ai, he got the voice jud sa? well.. take care always and best regards.. Enjoy the rest of the week!!

  10. Anonymous9:37 PM

    hurrayy sis am here visiting.

  11. wow, what a nice award..nov, kumosta? can you add my new blog already added hehe


  12. Anonymous12:17 AM

    congrats. hope you could vote for my entry in carlota's contest. irish - was i really triumphant. :)


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