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Three [3] Got Oppss

Yes, I'm so thankful to my early morning wake up, because after a long time, again I found and grab 3 big amounts in opps. And I'm so thankful not only to my effort of waking up that early in the morning but to God for He do listens to my every night prayers.

Isn't it that really feeling so great? I'm sure those who grabbed higher opps would surely feel that happiness I'm feeling right now. Hope that this will continue always.


  1. hi NOv's wa man ka interim sa imo ppp post okay lang ba na ganyan kasi they ask for a non paid post in every opps from them

  2. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Just a thought - The Missus and I have found that it helps to have several suppliers of ads. That way, there is always one that has something each day. Also, some don't seem to mind low PR, so that after we have been nailed to zero by Google, we still have ads coming in. This is a great way to save cash to send to relatives in Phils, especially as the food there is going up as the world supply gets less due to it being used in the US for running vehicles. Have a great weekend.


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