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TOOTH Update

As I had mentioned I went to the dentist and finalized to have a root canal, since I thought that it will be that painful and would give me excruciating pain while doing the mercy killing of my poor tooth. I want to save it since it is not that bad but since it’s giving me pains that I can’t tolerate it and at the same time I won’t be complaining to Jeff about my toothache.

So, right then and there, after the cleaning, we have come up of the final decision of doing the root canal. Anesthesia gives me a great help while the whole processing was taken. I didn’t feel anything at all, just laid there and tries to open my mouth and hold on still.

It’s really funny because he hammered my tooth… LOL!.. Just to get the spare jacket on paste in it. Its not the first time that my jacket was been hammered, it’s the 2nd time around now as the first was hammered when I asked the dentist that its almost falling apart.

Now, I have to keep coming back to the dentist in order for the “swelled gums” will get to normal so he can clean it and then later on he’ll fix the 2 tooth for the building of the jacket then later on he’ll undo and make a new one.

For 3 teeth it cost me too much for pesos, but I think the quality will be the same as in US. The only difference is that I don’t pay it in $$$. Meaning still affordable but at least I’m satisfied and confident into my dentist.


  1. i love my layout (tama ba?!)hahaha anyways, do what you need to do w/ your teeth. Its far too expensive over here, I owed almost $1000 for my freaking 2 3rd molars... I still have 1 left that I need to remove (prolly in 2 mos i'll do it) and hopefully my insurance will cover it... oh when man ka online, we need to chat!:)

  2. Woo no more teeth problems now? Buti least when you get here you won't have to worry about them. You can just concentrate in adjusting to your brand new life....


    Ate J...happy weekend pala

  3. hopping here.. enjoy your weekend:)

  4. kadaghan gud anang dollars ma'am! hehehe pwede panghatag na nimo? nwys, oks ra oi orderan tika kaso lang wla man rice...biscuits ra man ilang tawag ani nga dli mora ug biscuit.mora ug bread , harharhar...

    ug ang usa ka meal ra ba diri mora ug good for 2-3 person hastang daghana....mao ugmaan pa gud na akong share ... hehehe

    sige labay lang ko.salamat sa pag-agi nimo sa akong balay ha.....

    soon ma experience na unya nimo ang kapait sa life sa diri. heheheh! dli lang nako mention para safe.hehehehe.

  5. mularga na diay ka inday nova? isud kos imong maleta beh! hehehe! wa na, musamot nakag kalayo namo ug sa imong dentist heheheh! good luck on the nice life ahead of you. :-)


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