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A Wedding that I Coudn't Forget...

I have been into a lot of different weddings from friends, cousins and even to one of a family member who were married.

I do have different kinds of experiences yet that most one that I couldn’t forget it when I sung the favorite song for our eldest brother entitled “How do I live”. During that time of 1999, it was a famous song and lyrics for couples and surely that meaning of it really strikes for both of them.

At the part of bridge of the song, I was totally touched and felt the song for them as well as for my brother as we are very close and his my knight in a shining armor because he is the only person who understands the real Nova.

Tears fell in my eyes so does for both of the newly wed. I could not stop the tears but good thing I manage to end up the song beautifully, the funny thing is that not only me and the newly wed who shed tears but as well as the audience in the reception.

Before getting into being sentimental, I do love the motif of their wedding as it is color sky blue. Totally cool for the eyes from the dresses up to their wedding invitations, and I can say that they definitely bought the 1st Class Wedding Invitations as my sister in law wants to make sure that their wedding will be remarkable.

One thing that makes the Wedding nice must comes first to the invitations that we spread to the invited friends, family and relatives. gives you a first class invitation with a great deal offer from the amount that fits your wedding budget.

While browsing / surfing at their page I totally find there wedding invitation simple yet elegant, and isn’t that what we want for our wedding invitations right? Not too much but simple. You can even use the ZOOM feature which allows you and me to see the it’s real firmness./ quality of the item.

Soon enough, I will get wed with my right man who I am so lucky to have with, and I have already chosen the color of the Wedding Invitation we will going to order from them. What do you think?

For more of this, visit them now and see other different cards / invitations they cater to give your occasion an additional remarkable signs.


  1. Anonymous10:23 PM

    hi sis! may tag ako for u -

  2. Sis, the next wedding that you will attend is yours and am pretty sure this time you will be teary-eyed again. Well, tears of joy for you this time. When would i hear the bells ringing for u sis?


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