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FRIDAY SKY WATCH: His Almost There


As I have messed up with my captured pictures and I have nothing to share, I would rather not skip one friday without sharing you this one.

Yup, my fiancee could almost reach the sky just like the first entry I got here.


  1. Anonymous7:43 PM

    Beware, young one, there a cloud almost touching you :)

  2. Anonymous7:45 PM

    Nice. Impressive photography.

  3. Anonymous7:58 PM

    Good shot.

  4. Hi Jeff and Nova, Thanks for coming by Pappy's Balderdash. Come by anytime. See you around.

  5. Quintarantino offers good advice. Beautiful clouds are coming for you!

  6. Excellent portrait aswell as skywatch

  7. HI Novs...

    Nice pic of your mahal.

    Thanks for the hop and the comment. Buti nga nothing bad happened. Hay...

    Ate J

  8. That's very good photograpy... I like that picture... it's very nice.
    The Rocky Mountain Retreat

  9. Excellent photo.
    Well composed.
    Nice SWF

    Our sky is wet.
    Come visit,
    Troy and Martha

  10. Anonymous12:03 AM

    hala dai sa detroit diay imo port of entry..Duol lang baya me sa detroit airport mga 15 min. lang...bitaw oi mawala lang na imo kamingaw pag makita na nimo imo hubby..happy trip nalang ha!ingat

  11. Nice pic, Novs.

    Thanks for the comment. So, no one could stop you na talaga. I'll bet, mixed emotions na ka. Sige lang, a new life is ahead of u. You might be sad leaving your lovedones here but i know, you'll get used to it soon.

    Happy trip sis! Take extra care!

  12. Great tribute to the one you love great photo.

    My Lady and the lamp is up now.

  13. Great!
    He is almost reaching into the sky. :)

  14. A nice picture and right from your heart this week.. thank you.

  15. Nice shot again here, Novs! Oi, hapit naman jud diay ka mulakaw noh! Im sure u have mixed emotions now..

  16. so, you're flying alone. i thought jeff and his family are there?

    anyways, good luck on your new endeavor! sad that you're flying alone. but jeff will surely be waiting for you when you land!

    have a nice and lovely life in the us! hope having kids will follow soon! hahaha!

  17. Great shot, it's like he is flying through the sky.

  18. Anonymous5:38 PM

    scared the hell out of me.... LOL nice picture

  19. It's unfair! Do you really want to have more comments this week, using your fiancee? ; )

  20. Interesting to see a sky portrait for a change. Good idea.

  21. excited na kaayo imohang loveydovey uy!hehehehehe...pirting excited na dyud si Jeff bah, for sure.ayaw kabalaka, Jeff, naa lagi ka sa Cloud 9 pag-abot diha ni Nova!hehehehehe!


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