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No Calendar

I certainly needed a calendar inside this house. I have been here for one week now, yet the only day I could think off is 20th of June. Isn't that lame? I noticed recently that Jeff doesn't have any calendar inside the house. And so does any house that I visited. funny, I could remember in Philippines every wall of the house where they placed the calendar. If i only knew that he doesn't have any? I could have bring the excess calendars at home to keep me track of the days. hahahahaha... I know I'm here in a very different world, way too opposite in Philippines. But heck, I'm used to look at the calendar to keep me track of the days and who knows I don't want to miss important dates, especially with my family and yes, I am fan of looking at the calendar as I was have to check the availability of my boss when I was still working. That's why I'm craving to have one. Oh men!!!

I even got confuse if what day is today, and now I had skipped the "sky watch friday" entry because I have not idea it's already Friday. Oh well, I can't manage everything, I'm all by myself now ail I have to do is clean, work and bid a little to earn some cash.

I do hope that I can figure out what to do, so I can get my own calendar, I'm missing the days here.

By the way, I'm trying to organize my blogs here from my stay in Manila upto my experiences upon heading to USA.

Thank you once again for being here for me, I'm doing my BEST to share to you everything and to VISIT you as often as you did to me. I LOVE YOU ALL...


  1. Hey...

    wala bang calendar ang computer mo? I use my computer to track the dates/days kasi I'm on it most of the time anyway.

    I hope you're adjusting well here. Enjoy the weekend with your Jeffy.


  2. Nice to hear from u again, Novs. Sige lang, padalhan taka calendar. Hehe. Just kidding.

    So how's life in the US so far? Post some pics ha aron kita pud ko sa lugar nimo diha? I know u're still coping now. Sige lang, ana jud na. Don't worry, will keep u posted of the latest here in Gensan.

    Take extra care always!

  3. hahaha...mao bitaw Novz ay. akong kalendaryo naa sa computer or cp na lng.

    tasteful voyage
    a mom's note
    Filipino love stories

  4. Anonymous2:54 AM

    hahaha wala diay sa inyo calendar novs? dri sa amoa daghan oi. murag pinas pod naa sa wall. sa refrigerator, sa computer akong gamit or sa cp. naa pod kp organizer which i could track my appointment sa doctor ni baby. hope u hav adjusted well. ingats friend and see u. post some pictures eh...

  5. hahaha! Maybe you should have brought with you a calendar from the Philippines. I guess you are not alone who complain about not having any calendar in an american's house. hehehe.

    Im sorry, I havent been able to visit you here for quite sometime already. I have been off to blogging for almost two months. I've been so busy at work.

    Im so happy for you. Finally, you are together already with the man you love. God bless you both.

    Good luck with your new life there in America...


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