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A Peak during My Despidida...

I have been doing this movie to show you all the pictures I took from my Despidida in the office Last May 30th of 2008. As my resignation was effective that day, and now? hmmmmmmmmm.. I am included into those umemployed Filipino. I was joking myself about it, and so does others who asked me about it.

I do hope that you will enjoy it, as I did enjoy watching it... Again, this consumes my whole day again.


  1. This is a sweet video. Give me idea when I quit my job someday ;)

    Have you gotten your green card? I hope everything goes well :)

  2. Your Welcome sis, Always remember i'm just here, anytime you need a friend you can always count on me. That's a very nice Despidida party you have, i know how would you miss your work, the environment, co-workes and the Family, But as i said, everything will be fine, you can make it and you'll get use to your new life then. Take care always and Godbless.


  3. lol, i think i should be there with you, im currently unemployed too, lol.


  4. hi !, sis how r u? asa kana ba karon?

  5. Uy, nag-farewell naman diay ka sa NDDU novs no! Well, it will all be worth it. You will be with ur fiancee soon... Ayo-ayo always!

  6. gwapa lagi tong nakablue :D hehehe.

    oi gwapa man d i kaayo ka o.nice pa jud kaayo imong hair bah.

    about sa imong header sayon ra mana iedit :). kutingting lang gamay ug mao na hehehe.

    salamat sa imong dayeg sa akong header.muna2x pud intawon na :D toinks!

  7. Anonymous12:43 PM

    kahilak man sad ta ani imong despededa party yads

  8. wahaaa. sis, iiwan mo na ako! huhuhu. pano na nya, wala na akong guguluhin?

  9. makahilak man sab ta sa imohang video uy! armageddon man dyud na kanta. asa ni sa dadiangas ni or sa marbel na notredame?daghan man gud notredame uy.naa pod NDU sa cotabato baya.mga cute kaayo ang mga personalities sa video.makalaway ang pagkaon! ah naa dyud ka souvenirs bah!hehehehe!maayo na lang dili kaayo daghan(pero daghan dyud mga messages, very nice!) kay basin ma-over baggage ka bah!hehehe.Magshopping ka pa ra ba daghan sa manila!hehehehe.
    take care,Nova and enjoy another chapter of your life--- with new people, new environment, new lifestyle. God bless you in that new journey you ae embarking!


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