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A Very Long and Exhausted Flight..

Yup, I might be dealing with that long travel from one City to another in order to get in Detroit. The day has finally came and opps.. I goona go and face this... This is what I want? and so shall I get it. Here's what happened during my long flights.

This is how my long hours of travel goes:

3:30am - June 20, 2008 [Philippines Time Zone] We drove ourselves heading to NAIA 1 - for International, men!!! we didn't know that on the main road an early traffic just strikes us.Hoping I could get there at least 3 hours before my flight so I would have big time to chat with my sister and BIL.

Checked in, passed the NWA airlines and was given to fill up the forms. I didn't know that its that long way to the Philippine Immigration so I wasn't rushing everything.Paid the Travel Tax, and Terminal fee and directly proceed to the gate of my airlines.

6:15am - Departed NAIA 1 heading to Detroit

11:40am - Arrived at Nagoya Japan for our first stop over place. Took 3 hours. Passed by to the rechecked the carry bag and
then checked-in around 12:00noon for our exact departure for Detroit at 12:40pm.

12:40pm - Exactly that time we flew heading Detroit.

11:40am - Of June 20, 2008 Northwest arrives at Detroit International Airport.

* Passed in US Immigration. I handed my passport and the form gaven to me at the attendant of NWA while travelling and my passport. The lady officer is pretty nice to me and asked me of what type of entry to I have? And I answered her that I'm on a 'Fiance[e] Visa', she opened the yellow brown envelop that was sealed by the embassy and she looked inside it. She asked me again if my documents were verified twice, shall I say revalidated. I couldn't answer her back because I have no idea on what's in it. She scanned my five right fingers and a photo of myself. Then I proceeded to get my luggage.

* Passed customs without any hesitation.

* When to get assistance to the get the earlier flight to Erie, the lady in-charge is very nice, she really is helping me alot. I can't wait for 10 hours no more for my late arrival in Erie. I'm way too exhausted for that.

* Went to my Gate number and waited for 3 hours - not pretty bad now that I don't need to wait for that long in Detroit.

1:30 - 4:22pm - I've waited @ gate C20 bounding for Erie. I'm very exhausted that I could fall
asleep while waiting. I tried everything but it just gonna workout on me... hahahaha... I don't care, I'm very much sleepy because I haven't been having a good sleep in the plane.

5:20pm - Finally the call of boarding to Erie, I lined up and can't wait to be at Erie, too bad I
can't text my fiancee as I got no credit left on my roaming phone. Darn!!! I shouldn't texted anyone that much... ehehehehe..[lesson learned here] I also noticed on my wait to the plane I'm the only asian who got mixed up with this american. I try not to pretend that its my first time, hehehehe... totally deadma lang talagal. I seated with this Marine souldier and his a very nice guy. A compliment strikes me there as he taught that I'm only 22 years old.. whoa...
that's not pretty bad, way too far of my age now. hehehehe. We chatted for an hour and his nice, he offered his phone to call my fiancee to pick me up. hahahaha.. Good luck souldier.

6:35pm - I arrived at Erie Airport he helped me until I got all my luggage settled, such a nice
young man. So, I didn't got scared as I have noticed that 6:35pm isn't that dark yet. In fact, it didn't get dark until it reached 9:00pm. So, I can still the sun is up in the sky shining. As I am calm to wait for him until he was here around 7:30pm, Yup... I have been there for hour... It's my fault if I just did text him that I'm taking the earlier flight he would have been there waiting.

7:00pm - Everyone of his family is calling and texting him, if I am at Erie now, and I can feel and
hear that they are all excited to meet me. We went home and I just wanted to take a long
sleep. And guess what, I did...

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  1. Bilib naman ako sa yo, Novs. You travelled solo pala. Galeng! Pero nakakatuwa story mo ha.



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