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Cherry Blossoms...

I'm talking about what Lynn kababayan was mentioned to one of her post about this cologne. I got interested as I love collecting such and since I moved in USA, I have nothing here but nothing jud! Moreover, Lynn says that the smell is mild and after reading it went to the company's website and search, seen in bath and body but was out of stocked of that kind of perfume. Went to Ebay and Bwala!!! found it.. excited and got it for $12 with a cologne, lotion and a bath foam. With a freight of $4.99 I do hope that I did not loss in a business transaction with these items. But who cares? I paid for it and I need some of it so I think I just deserve to have it.

Lynn is actually right, its mild and love the smell, and not that's my perfume/cologne that I'm using here.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Hi Novs...

    I also use the Bath & Body Works Lotion. Bookmark mo yung site nila kasi they do have some regular sales a few times a year. Normally, the lotion in tube is $10.50 but I got them at $5 each. Tapos free shipping if you buy a certain number.

    Lotion lang ang gamit ko kasi I don't use bath foam and cologne kasi may nasal allergy ako so ayaw ko ng strong scents.

    Ate J

  2. Wow! You finally got it. See? The smell is mild di ba? Hurot na gani ako kay paspas kaayo mugamit ako son. Buy na pud ko puhon. Humot sad ang lotion? Will see if may available din sila here.


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