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The First Night @ Mom's

Yup. they want me to call her Mom now, cause it's kinda feel awkward calling someone's name specially when you know that she have this very long age gap between you too. I was overwhelmed that a day after I visited one of Jeff's sister I could not express that overwhelmed they have on their face when they finally met me. Hugged me tight and everyone is pretty much happy and excited.

Micayla is Jeff's niece who is very close to them, she even told me she finds her new best buddy... ohh.. isn't that sweet? Well, she's very sweet girl and would even not let go of me when we went to visit them. Which I love it.

So, during Sundays they bound at Mom's place and that's the first time ever I'll stepped at their Home, again we are all overwhelmed to met each other again. Ate good food, and thanks to Mom she even made rice for me.

After dinner, everyone decides to play board games. I don't know exactly what it's called like but it's really fun. Everyone enjoyed the night, and wishes they could stay longer but Jeffy needs to get rest as he will get up early for work on the next day.

At Mom's backyard, it's a country side

Their friend Sarah, and Jeff's sister Casey, while grilling the corn

While playing the board game, Michelle, Chrissy, Casey, Sarah & Jeff

On our way home...


  1. hi gwapa.agi lang ko.

  2. Keep them coming's nice to see pics. Next time lagay ka naman ng kasama ka at si Jeffy and your future Mom-in-Law...hehe...

    Ate J

  3. ikaw ay nagluluto na ngayon ng fave foods ni Jeffy? Hopefully hindi mahirap iluto ang kanyang fave foods...

  4. good to know you get along well with jeff's family! they seem to be very nice people.

    have fun!

  5. it's nice to know that Jeff's family are very good to you! :)

    btw, if you won't mind my asking, when is the big day??? :)


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