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Forwarded Email: Cool Banana...

Have you seen something like that emailed to you? well, if not then here it is, there is no more information about that said very long banana sent to me. But as I want to share that to you all? I think it is somewhere located in Asia. I was amazed of how long that fruit is and it surely gives satisfaction needs to those people who loves to eat Banana...



  1. Amazing! My parents plant bananas but we've never seen anything like this. :)

  2. Anonymous11:38 PM

    What a fantastic Banana Tree! All those wonderful bananas - I always have them on the table - nice to know there's a good supply. :)

  3. Is this true or just made to appear like that? Never seen a real like this one in my entire life.

    I am here again sis. Visit namana sis dyan in ur spare time, ok?

  4. hahaha it will surely gives satisfaction to my son cause he loves banana. he could eat 3 times a day! lol. anyway.. i got a tag for you sis. its in this link
    by the way great music. =)

  5. wow amazing, taas kaau nov sah. btw, bisita diay ko hir today, hehe laag lang

  6. WOW truley amazing! Our banana trees only have maximum three bananas on them!

  7. Amazing huh!

    I love bananas, most especially lakatan. (",)

  8. wow! what that???? Amazing one.... Must na u sis?

  9. hello.thanks sa comment.o akong giablik akong shoutmix.ako tanawon ug wala bay maminuang na naa gani tangtang nga pud na hehehe. oi ifeature na ko sa akong blog ha.kahibulongan mani nga saging oi.unsa mani naay birtud?

    ako nya tika ifeature uban aning imong post kay unique man. swerte ang tagiya ning saginga matud pas mga katigulangan.

  10. Wow! This is great! I have never seen this kind of banana. hehehe. I love bananas. Mapura jud ako ani. hahaha.


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