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Im Pissed...

Maybe it is not just my lucky night. I have been reserving opps and toink!!! it just slipe away and then would says I haven't taken the opportunity which I already had. Because I have put the capitcha in it and sent it and in fact they even gave me the notification that I actually get the opps.

I'm confident enough to think that I did, but what now? When its time to submit my entry? I don't have it? Have this happening to you? What did you do? Can you help me overcome this unfortunate clumsy?

My computer sucks.. Keeps frozen all the time, I think I will be needing some match and burn this. I'm just pissed.. I'm so sorry...


  1. hi nOvs nothing to worry dear check it in your post kay imo na makita it happened to me many times eh and when i check it at my post adto man didto day

  2. Keep your cool, Sis. (",)

    It happened to me once but try checking your email, you probably got an email that your post was automatically approved.

    Take care sis!

  3. its alright nov. i feel like that sometimes especially if maka miss ko ug dagko and daghan na opps, hehehe, haay blogging kafaet, lol


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