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A Month...

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I'm referring of myself here in NY, USA just last 20th of July. Supposedly it will be posted last Sunday, but as I have so many things in my head I never got the chance to. But hey, I did it now. I do hope that I'll pass all the trials and sacrifices that I am doing not only for me for my dear, and for my soon to be hubby.


  1. thanks for the tag and hopped girl.

  2. Woo hooo...naka 1 month ka na pala dito. You survived it!'s hoping for more happy months and years here in the US of A...

    Ate J

  3. Happy month Nov! nasa New York ka pala medyo malapit lang tayo pero malayo din kasi kailangan ng passport bago makarating sa place mo pero malapit lang by car. Goodluck sa buhay America just enjoy the life my dear. tc

  4. Anonymous9:33 PM

    Best wishes to you Nova! :)

    BTW have a tag for u here :)

    Have a nice day!

  5. time indeed fly so fast when you're having fun, isn't it?

    here's to more months and years of a happy stay in the us!

  6. Thanks if u think i somehow make u laugh despite the many things you are pondering in ur head right now. I was so busy lately, too and too tired upon going home to bloghop. Know what sis, i might go to Malaysia and Singapore this August 23-27. I guess this is it, now i already paid up the registration fee, its an official travel.

    Sa karong tuiga or sunod ba puhon basin ug maka anha ko sa Washington DC or New York ba. Unta meet ta sis, noh? Wow, bongga dinha pa gyud atong beauty magkita, hehehe.

    Dai, akong papa reklamo na daun nga daghan di maayong batasan sa iyang work. Haguy, these are signs nga di jud siya flexible. Nah, cge lang oi, daghan pa man sa net, hehehe. Basin ug duna kay kaila diha, ila ila sa koh beh!

    Happy monthsary to u and jeff. May u have forever ahead of you.

  7. 1 month na diay ka diha, Novs? Dalia no?

    Anyways, Pocketbell is a pager company. Pager became popular before text came in and that was around late 90's.

    Ingatz Novs.


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