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My First 4th of July...

Yup, I'm grateful that I spent and was here during the celebration of America's one of the most unforgettable moment, the "4th of July" in short their Independence Day. It's Amazing that I actually experienced what you have been experiencing.

We went to Mom's [nice to hear that she actually wants me to call her mom, Jeff's Mom] spent the whole afternoon mostly of his siblings was there, watched TV and talked about the plan after dinner. Since, everyone is working Me and Jeff decided to see the fireworks at Maysville and met his friend Fred together with his gf and kids with them.

Right before it gets dark, we headed our way to Maysville and seeked Fred, on our way of searching we saw one of Jeff's co-worker and introduces him to me. In awhile, we walked around the park and then waited for 10:06pm for the fireworks.

I find it awesome and fun, we usually have the same things way back in Philippines during the celebration of a country's birthday. Then, after firework the shows ended at 11:00pm, I got chilled already and waits for the traffic until we got out from a long line.

Took some pictures during that night, and I am not sure if you can clearly see some of it. Hope you enjoy.

What about your experiences? I would love to hear what's your impressions during your first celebration of America's Birthday or during the 4th of July.

Heading to Maysville

The Park at night, which is owned by the State now...


  1. it's my first 4th of July experience here as well, girl!. hehe pareho tayo. i enjoyed watching the fireworks display. parang sinulog sa cebu. hehe

  2. oi naa na ka US gwapa.ka nice. welcome to d USA life.

  3. wow! thats great sis! it was my first 4th of july too! =)

  4. Anonymous6:28 PM

    Have a nice day...

  5. Anonymous7:46 PM

    Ow!!! It's ok novz, grabi talaga bakasyon niyo ha parang nilibot niyo na buong mundo ah! hehehe well, what can I say? Just enjoy and TC :)

  6. good to know you had a good time!

    got something for you!

  7. good to know you had a good time!

    got something for you!

  8. Independence day man na 4rth of July sah? labay napud ko ha

  9. nice pics, Novs. glad u've finally shared some pics and enjoying your stay there.

    stay happy! take care!

    niwey, about the cologne, humot jud to siya ba. try gud. (",)

  10. Anonymous7:23 AM

    hi good morning, added your links in my two blogs. have a great day.

  11. San ang pictures nyo with the family? hehehe. Post ka naman.


    Ate J

  12. Hi Nova!

    It was my 2nd 4th of July, and it was even better than last year..

    I enjoyed your photos,thanks for sharing...

    Take care and best regards to your hubby.. :)



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