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SUNDAY MOMENTS: Trampoline...

Me and this trampoline here is working pretty well, the first time I played with this makes my heartbeat so fast and seriously it scares me. They have it for fun and it's fun to jump on with, would at least help you with some exercise. That's what we did at Mom's last Sunday, as they have a pretty sunny weather we decided to burn the dry leaves at the background. That's okay it is permitted to their place so don't worry.

I totally looked even bigger and shorter lately, need to exercise...
I was at the garden with this orange thing flowers..

My Jeffy, caught in the act of burning leaves..
and there's more to come...

I'm trying to get a good pose while jumping and doing my stunts..

Just a lame photographer...
He's not good as I expected he is while capturing my moments...

I had fun jumping in this trampoline as well as Jeffy too. Just want to share you what makes me busy when we go to Mom's place and with a great sunny weather.

Isn't that fun?


  1. Hahaha...jumping and posing?? Parang mahirap ata yun ah!

    Looks like you had fun at your future[?] mother in law...

    Just hopping here Novs...hope all's well!

    Ate J

  2. Anonymous9:01 PM

    Hhahahaa enjoy you ayo jan ha ingat and see you around girl..

  3. Hello sis Nov, dropping here again, sensya na ngayon lng uli ako nka bisita sa iyo, paano na busy kaunti ang beauty ko. hehehe, I try that trampoline rin sis dun sa sa kaibigan ko. hehehe, ang saya mo tingnan sis. OO nga pla thanks sa ym mo ha, But i want to say say sorry, kasi dko na talaga maalala kung saan ko naisulat yun, i feel so bad about it, pra yatang lumalala ang pagiging mkalimutin ko. Pwedi ba hingi ako ulit sis? Thanks and hope u have a great week!

  4. Anonymous12:42 AM

    naku hindi ba nakakatakot yan sis?

    nyways tagged u sis -

  5. wow, that's a very big trampoline! I haven't tried jumping in that thing. hehehe. Im glad you are happy there with your new family.

    God bless you always...

  6. good to know you're having fun!

  7. Murag lingaw jud bitaw na ay. Haven't tried that one. Soon...Lol.

  8. Hi sis i am here again. Wow it seems ur acclimatized now to your new environment. I am happy for u sis, u have grown more weight but its ok, ur taken already anyway hahaha.

    Sis, i am now having thoughts coz he had 3 jobs from the time we met. my gosh, he is so choosy in his job, the last one lasted only for about a week, i guess. I am just observing him. No i dont tell him my inner thoughts and perceptions towards him.

    Sis, it seems jeff became thinner. Ayaw sad pag ayuha ug kastigo sis oi, hehehe.

    Sis take care always. Miss you!

  9. Personally I think Jeff did a great job capturing u in motion.


  10. hala kalokso ka diha.kuyaw na ba! hehehehe! bitaw, ok ra d i magsunog diha sa inyoha. basta siguro lagyo ang mga balay.diri sa amoa kilid karsada dli pwede magsunog. bbq lang taman intawon. mingaw na ko ug ingon ana ba dula dula sa dahon. saon ug magsunog kog dahon diri ang naynwanwan hadlok ko dakopon ko.hehehehe.

    bitaw labay lang ko diri.

  11. Hi Nova! You're really having fun! Be carefull thou, baka mahulog ka, hhmmmmm...mamaya, makita ka namin sa America's Funniest Videos, hehe!

    Ingat!!! :)

  12. wow enjoy gud ana. pwede muapil diha, hehee.

  13. Lol! That's a good picture na.

  14. Anonymous11:00 AM

    That's a good one. Looks like you had fun.


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