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Touched and Flattered...

Yup, I surely am, I got a message from Sweet Mabelle about asking me to featured one of my post on her blog/ page which she finds it interesting and the picture is totally extraordinary. I was in a deep shocked about it but yet I gave her my word and permission about doing the entry. I was really touched and flattered, amazed of how she did.

She wants to show and shared that extraordinary banana fruit which could only be found in Asia. Isn't that amazing? Mabelle dear, thank you for doing and featuring me into your wonderful and peaceful page.

More power girl!


  1. Anonymous6:52 PM

    Congrats Nova mabelle is very. ANyway are you interested to join my love contest?

    thanks for dropping a line...

    I truly appreciate your effort dear see you...

  2. thats cool sis.. =)

  3. na ok ra na dear oi.salamat sa imong paghatag nako ug permission para maka post sa imong banana article. katohoan dli man gud tong saginga. Also, token pud of appreciation kay sige visit nako ba. magbutang pa unya ko lain post linking your blog.kay mao mana akong pasalamat sa mga friends nako nga nagvisit nako permi.

    nwy, have a nice day.

    God bless always!

  4. hi novs musta naka diha sis? about my lovelife okay same us usual lang japon oi. wa pa man jud sya moanhi sa pinas. i hope and pray and soon na jud. anyway i have something para nimo in this link

  5. tagged u novs...

    musta na? hope all is well with u. ingatz!

  6. Anonymous7:58 AM

    hi there. how are you? i'm just visiting today. have a nice day.

  7. thanks sa comment ! ingats dha


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