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Drive-In Theatre

Yup, we don't have it in the Philippines or I don't heard anything like this in the Philippines for sure. And they should think something of putting up a business like this, or maybe I can do business with this one in the PI. I might invest soon when I have a money too..

I want to try to experience those drive-in that I only seen in the movies and earlier when I was here, my Mahal took me there and we did watched WALL-E and THE INCREDIBLE HULK.

It is also much cheaper than in the movie theater in the Malls because we got it for only $14 for both of us and we have this comfortable set inside our car. Well, actually you can go out from the car and bring cars with you, just follow simple rules from them just to make sure the you won't be able to annoy someone who also in the drive-in.

I like it and I prefer drive-in now than in the movie theater because it is really comfortable. Looking forward on the next good movie to watch.

Before I forgot, they start the movie when it gets dark as for here the sunsets at around 9:30pm so that's where the movies starts. They got 2 huge screens and tuned in on the radio station for the locations of the movie on the screens and they actually tell you what station too.

I can't wait for another pair of movies to watch with my Mahal.


  1. Wow! That's nice, drive-in movie. Sana meron din niyan dito no.

    Niwey, got something for u Novs...

  2. i haven't watched wall-e. next week maybe :)

    i wish i could experience this drive-in theater :(

  3. Anonymous4:25 AM

    No cinema or movies for me until things got final from my end. Actually i am not aware if we have that here in Netherlands but yeah, in the Philippines, i have not heard when i was there. But anyway, for me the 3d or 4d is still the best but in the car, there is a bit more privacy.

    I miss movies... the whole time i was in italy i could not watch too for all movies are italian...sigh...

    on loosing weight that you commented, i actually do inddor exercise such as dancing and crunches when it is winter..

  4. Anonymous4:27 AM

    That is one great idea to invest in the Philippines. I am sure Pinoys will be receptive to it sincwe it is a new idea AND it is an idea from the US of A (isuppose?)!!

    Wow, looking forward to another date?

  5. Anonymous6:42 AM

    hello sis! favor please update my url from to Thanks for the trouble! happy blogging! :D

  6. I know there used to be a giant screen in the fort (back from the days where there were no establishments there yet); they showed movies in an open field, but not a drive-through kind of thing.

    what you did, kinda romantic!

  7. Steven told me about this and I too can't wait to do it with him now that you've said it's nice.

  8. that is true. we don't have it in the philippines. so, good that you were able to experience it! i hope to experience it one day, too and i wanna watch WALL-E as well! see you around!

  9. Anonymous6:47 PM

    In reply to sheng (am here again) i think with the projector tye, we have lots of it back in the philippines, especially if a tv series is ending, the network give chance to public to view in big projector...well... soap opera. u know the masa sa atin.

    May we exchange links dear? We have been comment buddies for such a time and I am initiating a favor. Hope you do approve. Thanks in advance.


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