SuPeRnOvA and SwEeTpAiN: FORWARDED EMAILS: When Cloning goes Wrong! | SuPeRnOvA and SwEeTpAiN
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FORWARDED EMAILS: When Cloning goes Wrong!

This is a funny email from my older brother, just want to make your day and put a smile in it. I do hope this won't be happening in the future as everyone will surely freaks out.

Have fun everyone.. It is time for a smile on your face and show some teeth here!


  1. Anonymous12:58 AM

    ACTUALLY I DO LOVE THE CROCODILE BEE! Can you imagine how are they gonna make honey? Maybe it would become salty instead of being sweet. ^^

  2. Anonymous12:59 AM

    If that happens, well..i think they do already, not in a normal environement but in scientific laboratories.

  3. Dropped you an entrecard sis. Pls return the favor everyitme u drop by.

    Sis, ang para nako nga imong gi disable imong profile kay ang imong ivisit unya magcomment ka, pag magvisit back sa imoha kant get thru. In my case for example, mo ari ko sa akong blogroll to access ur site. Its no prob for me. How about for the rest sis, nga wa'y lista sa imong name unya gusto magvisit sa imong site, mawala iyang opportnity and ur opportunty also to be visited.
    Pero, i respect ur decision to continue pag disable access sa imong profile. love jud ti ka.

    Sis, re ur comment sa kong post.super kapoy man gud magwork ug magblog pa noh? Lobat na atong lawas. Pero cge na lamang maski kapoy kay dollar man. Moanha lagi ko karong october puhon or early next year. seminar gihapon.

    i wish ur doing good. pa vaccinate ka diay? ako hadlok ko ug njection, bah. Pero laing injection dili, hahaha joke.

    Cge sis, till next time.

  4. i agree with imelda. so better comment using the name/url para the people can get back on you coz we cannot g back using your profile because it is locked. With name/url, we can go directly to you from your comments. However, it is olkay with me kasi you have a name in my blog roll so kaya ako nandito khit locked and profile mo Novs...

  5. Anonymous2:18 AM

    BTW, about the entrecad stuff, no problem, just email me the image coz it takes only few minutes to adjust. just send to me and inform me, all right?

    About the page/entrecard ko, I am not sure but it is okay for me as i see it in my comp??? no..walang renovation actually.

    If you know others who like to have their pics adjusted, you can refer is an easy thing to do... ^^


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