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How to lost weight

I do have a friend who is obese or not, but she has too much weight that supposed to what she had regarding on her age and on her height too. Well she is not a petite and she is taller too that sometimes you won't be able to recognize that she is over weight. She did a lot of exercise and even starve herself to death just to make sure that she is not eating more than she thought. I want to make sure that this friend of mine will remain her name in private.

I could still remember that she looks miserable because of being so conscious with the way she look and doing all those skipping meals is not really a good way of losing weight. Yes, I can say that she whined a lot, cried a lot because she could not find a man who will love her as mostly men do looks for sometimes the physical appearance of a woman.

They even got this saying " you can change the attitude than the physical of a person" I know it is dumb right? I told her to not take it more that seriously and slowly do a process that would fit to her. There are so many ways or pills you can try but others just won't work out for them. Others were compatible with it and other would get even worst.

In order to give a contribution to my dear friend and help her in a way that I might recommend her some ways on how to loss weight? I came across to this website and found a great way of losing weight by using Jenny Craig, or the ever popular which is the Weight watchers it is not the artist or something but it is a method on how to make yourself control and eat a balance diet in order to lessen putting much fats and calories inside your body. Because you need not to stop any kinds of food especially when it comes to your favorite meals. It is just something like eat more food and still you can lose weight how cool is that? Meaning you won't be skipping to eat those meals and you will keep eating and enjoying the foods you love. Avoid low carb, calorie and fat diets that won't work for you! Why not try losing weight from them And see the big different in you after following the steps and guidelines they will give you.

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