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I Love Brownies

Though this is pretty sweet? Men, I love this a lot, I almost ate all of it you know and that surely would trigger my diabetic blood or whatever you may call it.

You should try this one, we bought this @ WalMart, I hate going to walmart because they just have plenty of good foods that tempted me to eat, hahaha..

Well, after eating a chocolate brownies just drink 2 glass of water that might help you keep too many sugar away from your body.


  1. hmm that really looks so yummy! I wish u could give me a slice lols..

  2. gwaps done na diay ko sa imong domino tag here's the link

    thank you so much

  3. pir diay ta, Novs. I love brownies too. As in! I am a chocolate person...from drinks, pastries and desserts, chocolate jud ko. (",)

  4. Anonymous1:46 AM

    indeed looks so sweet. i try to stay away from too much sweet too because i am coughing when it hurts my throat... i actually attach chocolate but i need to slow down these days.

    grabe naman ang nakain moh! hehehe, yeah you ate the empty squares alone?

  5. Anonymous1:47 AM

    You are diabetic? Better be careful then. It is a thing that is difficult to cure (if it can be) and it really demands discipline as to the kind of food one eats...

  6. Anonymous8:04 AM

    i love brownines too. let me go to walmart and buy some too. ano ba 'to ready mix? malapit lang kami sa walmart dito. yummy.

  7. Anonymous8:29 AM

    oh looks yummy and wow that's great...

  8. wow.. me too i love brownies... during my college years wen i was staying at my aunt's hauz.. hmmm.. kahit na wlang rice basta may brownies ok na sa akin un... mas masarap ang home-made..

    ate Novs.. thanks sa message.. hehehe cge ssundin ko ung mga payo mo.. na magpakasawa for being single... hehe

  9. Pahingi naman ng brownies....I'm craving for sweets now. Naku....
    Must na Novs?

    Ate J


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