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My Getaway...

Kennedy space center discount that is one of a kind discount that you get when you start planning a soon to be getaway. Didn't I mentioned that my fiancee and I went to see Niagara falls in New York? Oopss... If not sorry I must be getting forgetful into just everything here. Well I was before but I think it just get worst. Anyways, I have actually seen one of the seven wonders of the World they feature and that was the Niagara Falls that we went into just last 27th of July. You would not imagine when you are there and actually seen that amazing and gigantic falls that would surely kill you when you fell in it. Imagine that it has 190 miles per hour spend or the waters falls that was very and I mean very fast. It has 180 feet deep too, excluding how deep was it from that water falls too for sure it would be VERY deep. It was really fun to seen that astonishing nature, and you can also do other activities they got in that park. You would not imagine and would not forget that time you've seen the horseshoe, bridal veil bridge and the other big falls. It was really make me feel great how wonderful the beauty of mother nature. And I would not be seeing those without the help of a Trusted Tours and Attractions. They just given me great hints and tips on where to go and what to do into planning of my / our getaway and spend unforgettable moments in a certain place. I have visited online travel guide, which you can only find at these website they would absolutely give you full details into what places and gives you of course that guide that you needed from a new place too. If you visit them you can also Sign up for the Trusted Travels eNewsletter and enter to win a $150 Magellan’s Gift Certificate - Offer ends August 31st, 2008. Isn't that interesting for you? Well I do, actually I'm editing my entry and would send it to them that way, I will be hoping and praying that I will get pick up and win these Gift Certificate.

Come on now, join them or if you still needed some vacation experiences well don't hesitate to visit their site and then later on sign up for that entry who knows you might be lucky and win that gift certificate. Good Luck and have fun to your trip!
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