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Oh No!!!

Jeff's fish died last Monday =(, he noticed it when his about to feed it early in the morning, when all of a sudden he created this voice that worries me and made me out of the living room. He was shocked when he found out that his fish was missing and then it was laid on the sand beside the big stone it hides all the time. No, he doesn't have any fish alive now, that's the last fish he got after buying 6 I think. The first 2 fish died after 2 months, then another 2 were like 4 months after, another one died after he came back from his visit to the Philippines and these fish her is that very last one he got. Unfortunately, it didn't make it, it was supposed to be one year this coming September but for some reasons it never make it.

Maybe his too lonely that he just wishes to die instead, so alone to swim in the tank all by itself. I do feel the feeling, oh well, he'll be buried soon. I just have to let my Mahal bury him because for sure he'll said some words before he'll put it in the ground... hehehe.. just kidding.

the fish is with that gold shiny there...laying

the gold shiny thing is the fish's head laying next to the stone house...

Though its like that small, when your pet dies you also felt this hurt and crushed heart about it, right? Well, I do.

Super Nova !


  1. hi noves got something for you here have a nice day vote me again day aron kadaog ko ug layout for my new blog hehehe..

  2. Anonymous10:09 AM

    can't seems to figure out where is the fish..lols.. Hi Nova just passing by here. Have a great day to you
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  3. Anonymous3:53 PM

    HI there. visiting you here. I am sorry what happened to your pet.

  4. Anonymous6:37 PM

    Hi nova, condolence for your fish. Just buy a new one hehehe...

  5. oi hala fish pud d i ang pet sa imong hubby diha.kalooy pud sa fish oi.

    salamat sa pagvisit ha.

    new look lagi atong blog karon ai :D. nice!

  6. Anonymous7:49 PM

    too bad for the fish...

    just doing my round nov..kumosta na?

  7. Oh, sorry about the fish, Novs.

    Anyway, got something for u here...

    Have a nice day!

  8. Anonymous2:50 AM

    oh how sad. yup, i guess creatures can die with sadness nga if they are alone. It is applicable to both fish and humans.

    BTW, i have added your link na in both blogs. I guess di mo nakita yung blog name and url na binigay ko last time. Thus, i just give them here again. Your link was up days ago na actually.

    It's for "Webloglear @WebbieStuffs Dot Com"

    and for "When I Wander In Thoughts and In Actions"

    I also gave you my email ad last time so you can email me the image for your entrecard and I would adjust. It is

    Okies? Hope you find this one. Thanks.

  9. that's sad. maybe you can surprise jeff by buying a really pretty fish!

  10. pagkaluoy sa isda novs. tuod karon pa ko nakabalik dire ba. dugay2x na sab :)

    kumusta na?


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