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Pretty much Exhausted...

Yup, I am not sure but I am pretty much exhausted today. I haven't finished visiting everyone's blog and do my Monday routine as my partner is quite busy playing with his Wii. I wish to stay longer as much as I can, but I couldn't. I can't open my eyes that much now and while typing this, just making sure that I am hitting the right strokes of the keyboard that way I would not retyped it from the very start.

I may need an early sleep now as I will be waking up too early in the morning to help my partner prepare food for his lunch and for our breakfast too.

Ahay, daw murag ga-trabaho lang gihapon ko diri. Matag sayo tapos di na pud biya ko makabalik tulog kay ambot ngano pud!


  1. hi novs yes kadaug ko day for hehehhe. just stay cool diha and thanks for the votes take care sis

  2. hay naku sis, i understand what you feel... basta pag sad ka... buzz me in ok?

  3. hope you had rested well!

    enjoy the day!

  4. Be glad that ur blogging sis somehow it assuage the homesickness u feel in there. Jeff is there to work for your future. Day, murag wa pa ka maka adjust nga minyo na diay ka and that is what a wife does to her hubby, wake up in the morning to join him over breakfast. if u have a baby na, ma lahi na tanan imong earth diha. Kanus a kaha?

  5. makita nimo ang imo ec dropper sa imo ec dashboard sis sa taas click nimo ang mga ec card na imo makita

  6. Salamat sa tag Novs...hope you got the rest you needed!

    Ate J


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