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Received Digi...

Yup, I bought this new Canon PowerShot A590 IS to Digital Camera to my everdearest Sweet Amiga Anah. I got this one for cheapest price and as I asked her that I really want to have a new digital as I left my mom's camera in the Philippines. She was kind enough to give me the amount that I can only bought for it.

Thank you so much for your kind heart Len, now I will be enjoying taking pictures any time and anywhere without having problems with the brightness and contrast of a photo.

I am on my process of reading some tips and what would be a greater feature to have while taking a picture.

I am overwhelmed really, you just don't know exactly how I am very happy now. A billion thanks, love you much. *hugs and kisses*


  1. Wow! I'd love to have my own digicam too. Mao dapat daghan opps aron daghan moolah. Hehe.

    Ingatz Novs.

  2. nahirapan ako doon ah...hinanap ko kung saan ako pwede mag comment. heehe.. ang liit ng letters. anyhow i was just going to say that i got something for you in my blog. just follow this LINK here. =)

  3. Anonymous2:04 AM camera huh.. i expect more flooding photos here then..

    BTW, have you added my links yet? Yours ae up in both my blogs already Nov. Thanks.

  4. beautiful cam. Am dreaming to have great focus cam too to make my images beter. Though they are not bad, i still want to improve them.

  5. nice one!

    so what's your plan this weekend? anything exciting?

    take care!


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