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Silly Excuses

I have been doing a lot of excuses just to get rid of a person. They invite me out, I was fine for a minute and then later on I have a sudden change of mind on not coming to that said activity. I call them or texted them right there and then, telling that I am not in the good health that I can't join them or I have headache or stomachache just so that I can't come and be with them. I may think that it is fine with them but the reality is that they expected me to be there and hopefully to be with them yet in the last part I will take back and not go.

So anyways, how can we tell one of our friends if we really are true to them if they have something physically that needs to be taken action? I mean, what if they have abnormality with them and you would want to help them? Will you be frank with them? No worries now too because it will be cure at Lasik in San Francisco. This surgeons here will help you on giving you a brighter future. Help people to see again and see the wonders of the world with their loveone.

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