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Six Relationship-Ending Dating Behaviors

I was reading Yahoo and came out of this article and hope that this would help you and would gives you some knowledge. This is not only for the girl friends and boy friends but married couples will apply this facts. I do hope this will be keep in mind.


These violations of trust will kill any relationship

By David Wygant

Finding the one to share a relationship with is a blessing. Once you've bonded with this special someone, keep in mind that respecting your partner's privacy and retaining trust are essential to maintaining a healthy relationship. If you cross certain behavioral boundaries that violate your partner's trust, you may cause irreparable damage to your relationship.

As a dating coach, I'm not usually a fan of hard and fast "rules" for relationships. I've, nevertheless, identified widespread behaviors which will likely end any relationship. So to help you ensure that you don't breach the "trust" boundary in your relationship, here are six detrimental dating behaviors that should always be avoided:

1. Prying into private info. If you suspect your partner of betrayal, does that give you the right to start reading your partner's email? To listen to his/her voicemail messages? To hack into his/her online profile? The answer to all of these is "no!"

“You should never dig through your partner's personal emails or listen to your partner's voicemail messages.”

You should never dig through your partner's personal emails or listen to your partner's voicemail messages. By doing this, you violate not only your partner's trust, but also the trust your partner has with anyone who left those voice messages and emails.

2. Lying for the greater good. Lying is never good in a relationship, although we've probably all been guilty of doing it. Lying to your partner in an effort to avoid hurting him/her or to avoid confrontation may seem like a wise decision. Regrettably, you will end up digging a deeper hole for yourself when that lie is exposed, which is almost always inevitable. When caught in this situation, you end up hurting your partner anyway, and whatever you were trying to protect your partner from -- by lying to them -- will be even worse because of your deception. I recommend honestly communicating with your partner from the get-go.

3. Pulling a "James Bond." You should never snoop in your partner's private things (drawers, wallet, filing cabinet, or private records -- such as bank or credit card statements). Furthermore, nothing justifies snooping. No matter what you have a "hunch" about, snooping through your partner's things should never be pursued to confirm or deny your hunch. Your partner's possessions and personal records should be kept private unless he/she gives you permission to look at them. Spying on your partner is one of the most blatant violations of your partner's trust and will achieve nothing except having your partner never trust you to be alone near his/her things ever again.

4. Designating yourself "Magnum P.I." Another ill-advised way some people try to verify suspected bad behavior by their partner is to take on the role of private investigator by attempting to "catch their partner in the act" of doing something. Whether this takes the form of searching for your partner's car by driving by his/her house, work, or gym or it takes the form of following your partner in your car, this is something you should never do. Even if you have a convincing hunch that your partner is hiding something from you, stalking is the wrong way to address it. If your partner finds out you've been "tailing him/her" in your car, he/she will no longer trust you.

5. Sending others to do your dirty work. Don't ever send a friend or anyone else to gather information for you about your partner or to spy on your partner for you. This means, don't send a friend to go hang out where you know or suspect your partner will be. Don't have your friend try to eavesdrop on your partner's conversations in places he/she goes. Don't ask your friends to use their cell phone to snap covert pictures of your partner. All of these favors from friends not only violate your partner's trust, but also reveal your total lack of trust in your partner.

6. Checking up constantly. One of the biggest ways to reveal that you don't trust your partner is to manifest that distrust with paranoid and obsessive behavior. While calling your partner regularly is quite normal, calling him/her incessantly to "check up" comes off as obsessive and will drive your partner away. If, for example, your partner is unable to answer his/her phone for a few hours and by the time he/she accesses it he/she discovers you've called 50 times, you not only come off as being paranoid and obsessive, but you clearly communicate to your partner that you distrust him/her. Also, when you panic every time 10 minutes go by without a reply from your partner by a phone call or an email, it sends the exact same message.

So even if you have some type of "intuition" that your partner is hiding something from you, it's better to engage in a confrontation with him/her openly rather than searching for answers secretly. Even if your partner doesn't respond to your attempts to talk about it the first, second, or third time, chances are that you'll eventually discuss it -- and the outcome of voicing your suspicions honestly with your partner will always be better than if your partner discovers you engaged in any of the behaviors I've talked about.

“No matter how much love exists in your relationship, it cannot survive without trust.”

No matter how much love exists in your relationship, it cannot survive without trust. Violating someone's trust will never take a relationship to a better place. In fact, by doing so, you may very well be single-handedly orchestrating the end of what could have been a fantastic relationship. Also, keep in mind that I didn't mention the most obvious relationship-ending behavior to avoid: cheating. Source


  1. nova, i read my lover's email before and i found out she had been cheating me all this time. end up, we broke up. i did not feel guilty at all... for a betrayer and disloyal lover.

  2. what if u have this intuitions na and some proofs actually but when u confront ur partner, he'd deny it still? some men would actually say, they would deny things even if they're already caught in the act.

    wellz...hirap diba novs? san ka lulugar if ever? lol.

  3. Anonymous9:28 AM

    respect for each other is the key to a long lasting relationship. I sometimes think that respect is more important than anything. Love will follow from here. Love will fade is respect is not present. Thanks for this wonderful post Nova
    Array of Hopes
    Ester's Celebrity Blog

  4. Hi Novs, salamat sa visit ha ug sa tag, pero nakabuhat naman ko Domino before. Salamat nalang kaayo, congrats diay naka PR2 lagi diay ning imong domain..Anyway visiting here nimo ug mangumusta, kumusta na imong life diri, tinuod gyod ka walay fresh diri oi mao na pagbuntis nako lami kaayo iuli,hehehe

  5. Hi Novs...

    The last one:

    “No matter how much love exists in your relationship, it cannot survive without trust.”

    I guess that says it all. If you do any of the above, then Trust is missing.

    Ate J

  6. Anonymous10:34 PM

    hi there Nova, how are you?

    have a tag for you hope it's ok

    Thanks and God bless.

    Straight from the Heart

    Mighty in Spirit

  7. a successful relationship boils down to trust and respect . . .

    nice post!

  8. hi novs, musta na ka sis? been a while sincemy last visit i have been busy for the past few days although i can still blog but i dont have time to blog hop. there's a lot of cleaning that needs to be done since the finishing is done and the fiesta is fast approaching as well. btw i need your help my other blog has been chosen to win a customize layout please visit my site and check out my voting pool in the sidebar. ty


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