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Pissed with the latest requirement of the Immigration for the Vaccination Record. I was advice to get only one shot which is the TD [Tetanus Diphtheria] shots told to me by the SLEC. Now, I need to contact accredited surgeon to translate my vaccination report to the form the USCIS have.

Anyways, I am pissed because I was really thinking on getting one shot now I do need to have Gardisil which is for women who ages 13 to 26 years old, yes I am still 26 now but I will be turning 27 on November this year. Kinda complicated right? If I reached 27 I would only want to have one shot, now I could not find this Gardisil in the health center that we have here. And I am pretty much sure I will look for another if they certainly don't have that vaccine.

Everything is settle and we only need to go, but now because of this changes I need to do something like immediately!

Whatta' day!


  1. Anonymous3:25 PM

    Ooopppps cool my dear sweet nov's i know you can find solution with that hopefully at this moment may solution na u me i don't have like that?

  2. oi unsa manang Gardisil. never heard of that before. adtu ka sa certified civil surgeon Novs tapos ipa evaluate ang imong records. sila naman bahala kung unsa ang imong kulang. pero gisulti namo kung unsa ang kulang nako.. tapos ang doctor nagsulti na i need another shot. wat the heck.. cge nalang para mahuman! hahaa.. so 2 yung shots ko. after that ihatag dayun nila ang result nga nakasealed envelop tapos mau na to ang imong i file.ang civil surgeon man ang mag transfer sa imong records. maniwala ka ana na tan awon na sa USCIS. ang importante completo imong requirements. believe me.. dili na tan awon sa USCIS, ayaw na problemaha oi.. ehehe.. dali ra kaau na trust me. wink*). akong anak gani.. duha man to iyaha.. TD ug Pneumococal ang gi required sa SLEC. ana tong Civil surgeon he doesnt need Pneumococal because he is too young for that, what he needs is for TB shots. mau to.. TD ug TB ang gihatag sa Civil surgeon..

  3. well, Novs good luck. Hope you find that stuff. Now this time you wished to be older, huh? hahaha

  4. yaiikksss! ay naku... ayaw ko ng injections!


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