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Went Cruisin'...

Yup... last Friday we went to see cruisin' at the town. Oh, it is not in the big boat and see different places but that name of the event is called "CRUISIN". It is sort of displace all the antique cars and very old ones that people kept it and some were polished and make as possible as brand new. There are others whom they bought it like I wasn't been even bare with my mom, yup cars older than I am and some were like half a century too.

We spent the 2 hours walking in the town street as 2 - 4 blocks were closed due to the said event. So we were there and there was live band, food both, different awesome and famous and old cars in line. The night was fun and taken some pictures, oh before I forgot? We also celebrated our 2nd year anniversary since supposed that it would be on the 12 but since we both forget about it, better late than never, we proceed to the "Drive-In Theater" again and watched PINEAPPLE EXPRESS, and STEP BROTHER. It's pretty cool you better watched it yourself too, its a kind of mix dumb and funny.

this is an old truck...

this car is named as NOVA too..

That's it for now!


  1. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Hi, SuperNova
    Wow nice shot there....
    Ps..regarding ur comments at my paged..
    Hahahahhahahaa good day to you dear about what u said u don't agree w/the answer its my own opinion yung nababasa mo na sagot dun based on my life experiences yun at may point of view but that 10 reasons why filipinas married an american is from my bulletin board long time ago (i don't know who said that) sagot ko lang yan sa nag-post dun hehehhee....anyway you can also answer to that question just buzzz me so that i can add your link to my paged. thanks and sorry its late...busy kc si ako yesterday hehehee Have a nice day and God bless

  2. hello Nov, musta na?

    tag tka diri

  3. Hey Novs....hopping here. Sweet rides you got there...

    Ate J

  4. Nice vintage cars. Mahal raba ng vintage cars diba? Only the rich can afford.

    Same pa mo name sa car. That's nice. Have a nice day Novs!

  5. lovely pics! i love the cars!

    happy weekend!

  6. oi ka cute anang cars nimo diha gwapa oi. labay lang ko. have a nice day. God bless!

  7. omg! the bike is so cool... is it expensive?

  8. wow, those are cute cars. Im sure they're very expensive. hehehe.


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