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Would I wanna Be Marry?

Is that question came into your mind after years, months and weeks of waiting for your BIG DAY? Do you ever encountered many relationship complication, little fights and thinking of not doing the whole ceremony?

Believe I do, I know that not long by now, a week or so? I will be marrying this man that I was asking from the ONE WHO KNOWS BETS. You can't blame of questioned a woman or a man who would think something like that above questions because Marriage is ONE OF THE 7 SACRAMENT and A VERY SACRED TOO. Mostly, Roman Catholics and other Christians community would think that same as I do.

Also, we all knew that some countries, Marriage isn't that much important because it is very common for them to get a divorce after feeling something out of love from their partner. Or might be the lust that was been felt first or infatuation, which everything turned out to be rushed and decided to tie a knot without thinking that Marriage and Vows to each other is very heavy responsibility and sacred.

There are also some instances that one of the couple would eventually think to back out into getting involve in a big responsibility. We might have to figure out if what makes him/ her decided that way and even think such question. Are you definitely capable of dealing with problems to your partner in the future. Do you solve problems before you go to bed or not. Is s/he makes you happy all the time. Who wins between the fights all the time.

To those who got married I am very proud that you have fight and struggle into this questions. And may wish you all a very strong and fruitful relationship. Live life to the fullest with your new family, second family and your flesh and blood family.

That question will now pass unto me. Would I wanna be marry?


  1. Hey, Sis! Something's bothering u?

    I never had those questions before when i got married because i was totally head over heels with my hubby. (",)

  2. I think you're the only one who can answer that question. It's a chance you have to take sooner or later...unless you don't want to have a family or someone constant in your life.

    Also, you wouldn't know how it is unless you try it, di ba?

    Best of luck to you and your future husband.

    Ate J

  3. ako..i was not prepared nun..pero i believe na God prepares a way ..just always ask for his guidance in every decision you will make. Have a wonderful day sis!

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  6. are you having wedding jitters?

    i never had any doubts or questions when i was about to marry hubby because i know for a fact that he's the ONE!

    if you love the person, you'll surely know the answer!

    good luck dear!

  7. hello novs! congrats in advance. welcome to the world of....hehehehe.

    have a nice day! God bless always.

  8. got something for u, sis...

  9. ako.. murag wala man. gusto naman dyud nako magminyu. gikapoi ko sa pagiging single. pero karun murag gusto na nako maging single. hahaha..\akong bana cguro gipangutana na niya sa iyang sarili. if he wants to be married cause he got this mental attitude na dili masabtan uruy. maka grrr... hahaha. =P
    pero dili dyud na ang akong tuyo diri Novs. ang akong tuyo is maghatud ug.....TAG!!! yehey! winner ka. lol. kini na link oh..

  10. Anonymous11:51 AM

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