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AWARDZ: Creative Blogger and Propragating Friendship

It is really grateful when you have appreciation from other bloggers whom you don't know that well, yet they really are so sweet to give you something or notes? Yes, I am taking about the tags, and awards and a very simple visit in your site all the time. Whether you have new post or not just to make sure that they won't miss a single day without passing by and giving you a smile and simple thought.

From hundreds of bloggers that I knew, there are 2 kinds and sweet person who shared their appreciation to me. And I am thank you for this.

She's really sweet as ever, thanks for sharing this... Jhona dear...

Lisa thank you for this...


  1. hi novs, just checking you here? how's the newly wed couple?

    ingat..and have a nice weekend:-)

  2. Hi Novs! COngrats for the awards. Hmm.. no exposure for me. I have it before in my profile, my image but some so special really opposed me having a face online... plus, my other blog can really get nasty, crtical and political so better no image. ^^

  3. Hello Novs. Thanks sa visit. Musta na? Hope all is well. Happy weekend!


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