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Bowling Season..

These are the 4 member of the Boogie Team...

My partner and his colleague had bowling tournament that usually starts on the month of September. Last time before the season just started, we went to their meeting and met some of his friends who also played in the same league.

The game will always be during Thursday of the week, and last 4th of September they just started the first game. In every team there should be 4 players and one handicap just in case one main player will get injured. This tournament will be until March or April next year.

SIL-Casey & SIL-Chrissy with Mahal
while waiting for their turn...

If you are into sports your absolutely thrilled in each game they played but if not, you'll find it boring.

Oh... before I forgot? I am officially the team's hired without fee Secretary... hahahaha... I was thinking, I think wherever I go I will still end up being the Sexetary...hehehe...


  1. sis, i know how to play bowling. Modesty aside, i used to be the captain ball of my team way back when i was the supply officer of my office. athletic here but quiet ironic because my body is so fragile now, hehehe.

    Secretary to the bowling team, hahaha what a tedious role. u cud make a fight later shud u fail to blot the correct score. is the scoring not automated, sis?

    Btw, im supposed to ask something pero, sa sunod na lamang. i might be pre-empting something, hehehe u know what i mean. its about the . . . whoops. will wait for ur updates here about it na lang. ingats, sis.

  2. It's been soooo long since I've been bowling.

  3. Hi Novs...

    Been a while. Naku I don't play bowling...I never tried but the dorm I used to stay in college had annual tournaments and I was always on the sidelines cheering my friends on....they were never able to 'force' me to play...tigas ulo ko eh.

    Anyway, I'm coming out of 'hiding' just so I can greet you on your special day yesterday. I wasn't able to come here yesterday but I thought of you kasi I read your message a few days ago.

    Here's wishing you and Jeffy a great life ahead together...with lots and lots of tender loving care AND babies....lots of them....

    Ate J

  4. Anonymous9:52 AM

    i dont actually know how to drop ec Nova. I usually go to my account to spend my points to cheaper sites...lols.. I click the "drop" icon on your ec...hope it works...hhehehe
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  5. Haven't played bowling in a while. Unya, naka strike ka Novs? Hihi.

    Niwey, sige lang Novs, magkita ra lagi ta puhon. Mag eyeball ta uban si Mabelle. It's not impossible to happen right? Nothing's impossible in this world. O di ba?


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