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Bridal Shower

Okay, I know that Bridal Shower was supposed to be accomplished before the marriage, right? since everything here in me is delayed everything will came up late too. That's fine as I know about it. Also it is a suprise party made by my 2 sweet sister-in-law and I am glad that they are more excited than I am. Although, I have never gone into this before considering some of my friends back home gets married, we usually don't have Bridal Shower made for them it will depends on the relatives, in-laws or whoever of the bride if they want to plan for it.

As I said, I think I'm just lucky that I got sweet in-laws, for sure you do have the same, right? That's one of the best part in marriage life, having superb in-laws where you can turn into, what can you ask for? They are open to you that way, you won't be hunch alone in these new home you choose.

Anyways, they send me an invitation thru mail, when I opened the mail it gives smile on my face as it is cute and humorous too. Okay, I find it humorous, hehehe...

click image to enlarge

the front and inside

Considering it is a surprise for me, all they want is to keep asking me what's my favorite things, colors, flowers and such.. which egregiously gives me ideas on what they are planning for. They even said that they wanted it to be more like a Filipino Bridal Shower, fun huh!? Well, see and it would be held next Month. A commingle feelings I felt now.


  1. Wow...a post-wedding bridal shower. Kakaiba. And you're right, swerte ka kasi your in-laws are very sweet to you. I'm sure it's a mutual feeling.

    Enjoy the shower...although I'm not sure how they can make it more like a Fil Bridal shower...Hmm...

    Ate J

  2. wowww! so cool and unique huh!:-) well, it's so nice to hear that you have a very kind and supportive inlaws like what I have here...

    goodluck for your party nov..we're looking forward to see the pictures:-)

  3. Wow! Nice! That's soo sweet of your SILs, Novs.

    Bridal shower is fun! Been to a lot. So enjoy it to the fullest.

    Anyways, tagged u!


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