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18angixlarge1.jpg Cheaters image by classy_twist

Not you, neither me too!!!... I mean, cheaters from the reality tv shows I have been dying to watch here. Sometimes, in order to make sure to take out from the boredom we have in our lives. We watch tv shows or telesery or read magical books, which obviously I am capable of doing it all.

Anyways, I don't judge people as long as I don't see it in my own two eyes. Like, actually been in the event. As I mentioned, I was watching this cheaters shows well obviously it is for those people who can't finished a relationship and then jumped into another infatuation or lust.

Why not settle one's relationship or ended it before you go and hunt with another person to get involve with.

The funny thing is that when they busted and caught in the act as in naa jud sa atubangan. Some will deny and says that they just have that togetherness during that time. Where in fact they don't know, the detectives have their very own video as a very strong proof for the suspect.

Good thing, those people who cheats learned a great moral lessons of what they had, but it is too late. They hurted that person who love them the most.

Will they ever find someone who will love them as much as the person who first give them full trust and respect and give out the best love for them?

I am not sure, maybe or maybe not!


  1. Anonymous10:07 AM

    well i am glad that you are finding ways to ease your boredom..i hope you'll get used to your new life
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  2. Anonymous5:07 AM

    hahhhaha.... yeah, novs i was watching the show here too... some are are terrible noh? as in they are liar jud to the max even if there is a video they said that might be some other person... too bad though cause our cable company decided to delete it in their program for there are a lot of kids that are watching.... hehehe kaya mingaw na pud ko ug tan aw ana bah.ingats!


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