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Delayed news for the Wedding Day...

As I have previously mentioned to my earlier post that I am getting married, the fixed date was clear but the exact time were not. So, the day has finally came and around 3:30pm EST we are bind by Judge Walter in the Village of LakeWood, County of Chautauqua and state of New York, USA.

Before that, the day goes smooth as it is just one of the simple and ordinary day. When the time goes by, I got a mixed emotion whether I am happy, excited or nervous. My bana's best friend which happens to be his best Man too came over to the house that much early and then men got to do what men got to do.... Nope, not what you think, instead they enjoyed themselves and played Mario Cart with Nintendo Wii.

We really thought that there will only be 8 of us in the courthouse and witnessing our BIG DAY. As we got out from the car, we saw almost the whole family of my bana, we are even more suprised and overwhelmed that they are so happy to be with us on the very special day. The rest of the way was emotional, his whole family welcomed me that warm to be a member of their family. There was my bana's grandma, mom, 4 sisters, 1 aunt, niece, his bestfriend, me and jeffy and the judge.

The makes everything goes smooth and memorable too. I captured some photos after the ceremony and hopefully that I'll get a hold to my SIL who took the pictures and videos during the entire event.

Courtesy of Canon Powershot A590

the newly wed @ home

my second family here in USA, @ Red Lobster Resto
after the ceremony
dinner date with the whole family

Though it is very emotional for me as my family or friends were not here to succeed the whole event? I am sure they are happy and I am very much happier because knowing that even though they are faraway from me. I got my bana's family who is been there for me especially during days like this that I need a family to at least be with me.


  1. Congratulations!! And thanks for sharing the looked absolutely gorgeous on your wedding day...

    Ate J

  2. My best wishes to you and to your hubby :) Thanks for the visit.. just dropped an EC too :)

  3. Best Wishes ninyong duha sa imong bana..Humana ug Mrs. na gyod!!!..Salamat sa comment, lagi oi kapoy kaayo na happy..Prepare ka soon ka experience ka ani...

  4. Anonymous5:25 PM

    wow congratulations dear....

  5. Anonymous7:05 PM

    congratulations dear to you and your bana.

  6. wow!!!!!!!congratulation nov..wishing you the best in your married life..welcome to the club hehehhe

  7. Hi Novs, good night nimo a tag for you if you have time kindly check lang sa lisgold..thanks a lot, lingaw ko tan aw sa inyong photos!!

  8. Best wishes Nova! Finalmente! I see your beauty na! Hahah! How exciting naman. AT keast better late than never.. your avid readers have been asking for this.. u know that. COngratulations again. Novs.

  9. Anonymous1:52 AM

    Ikaw ba yang nasa portrait sa wall Novs? Ang cute mo palang pagkabata.. heheh... ANg ganda din ng ngipin... ^^

  10. Anonymous1:53 AM

    Congrats Novs! Kasal na ang so happy for you.. Best wishes and enjoy the married life.

  11. CONGRATULATIONS! Our best wishes to both of you! Stay in love forever!

  12. Congratulations and Best Wishes, Novs!

    I love the picture of you and your hubby. So romantic and you both look so in love.

    Haaaay gugma....

  13. OMG! Sis! I know I'm kinda late na in greeting you.... so busy kasi sa work plus may sakit pa ako. I'm sooo happy for you! Tampo na ako, di mo na ako chinachat ha. Heheheh

  14. congratulation sis! na late naman ko oi. unsaon ta ma wa na ka labay. hehehe... taga NY diay ka sis? mubisita ra biya mi dira sa akong bana pero dili pa sure kung kanus-a. =)


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