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Struggling with Service Pack 2 [SP2]

Since monday right after I got my MagicJack[MJ] in the mail, I got so excited to try it on if it's gonna work in our computer that way I can call my friends in the other sides of the world for FREE. Yup, you heard me right here... no monthly bills, no hidden fees and to think that you'll only spent $20 a year just to renew your license to the software/hardward you bought from them. Okay, here's what happened, I immediately connect the hardward MJ to my computer and as it is plug and play it automatically install, it was in progressing mode but all of a sudden it went into an error saying my OS isn't suitable for the said hardware. And I say, wth!!!! they have certain requirements for these program and it should be upgrades Operating System. Now, I got freak-out because obviously the people I knew who can helped me with this matter is all in the Philippines. And for sure that I have to do it by myself to resolve these problem.

I have been pissed because I couldn't find the right upgrade installer that way it would save time and I would not be able to do the 'New Installation' which causes my files to be totally deleted and have to make sure that I have to re-install the whole hardward just in case my computer needs the installer. Moreover, I am so blessed that a very kindhearted and humble friend of mine way back in college was online. Though I know that I'm going to distract him from his work which thank God he's night shift too, without any hesitation I decided to bug him and asked for his help.

All the way he was there for me to give me installers to download just to make sure that we save time while upgrading instead of doing the whole process and consumes our time a lot. I can tell you he knows A LOT, and i mean A LOT because not only that he works for the popular Trend Micro Company he also one of those tough men in it. He is as well a computer science degree holder that's why I knew him and I am very much thankful to him because he was such a big help for me. Don't worry, if you want to make your name private I won't mention it here. All I can say is that after the trial and error that we have for almost 2 days we finally solve the Service Pack 2 installer for my windows XP that I am looking for.

happy I am very much happy now because for sure that I know that MagicJack worked in my computer it would also be a lesser fee for me yearly. So, if these thing is really useable for me? I might sending one for my family in Phils that way I can call them or they can call me anytime and anywhere.

Mr. MC, thank you very much, your my angel. I will really appreciate your time and effort and the BIG HELP you gave to me and now hopefully that my obsolete computer won't mess up that way I can keep the hardwork that you did for it. Finally the battle is over!

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  1. Anonymous4:12 AM

    hi sis! I was here! I'm having a little contest on my blog - for its 1st anniversary! You might want to check it out and join! :)


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